Thursday, October 04, 2007

movie review lagi ! またまた!


Closing Escrow – 7.5

I think the actor’s performance was way better the film’s budget itself. A comedy movie that lies much of its funny moments on strange dialogs, awkward situations and emotionless faces.

Cashback – 8.5

A witty british comedy movie that has its own original style and intelligence; at the same time did well on the serious romantic department as well. This is what I call a movie that was well made. Very entertaining and Highly Recommended.

Slither – 7.5

A pretty generic Hollywood monster movie. Great looking CGIs, disgusting make-up/costumes and an easy to follow story makes it fun to watch.

Knockep Up – 9.5

This is easily one of the best, if not the best, movie that I have watched this year. Definitely a classic hit. The dialogs were well done to the perfection and the acting was just top notch by underdog actors. Absolutely hilarious dialogs. Interesting stories. Superb acting. I can go on and on. Strange sex scenes too! Funny and entertaining. A MUST WATCH !!! Highly Recommended.

Hostel 2 – 6.5

Hostel 1 was a pretty decent horror movie. Decent enough to gain my attention and made me want to watch the sequel, hostel 2. Unfortunately, it was not as good as hostel 1. It was not scary enough. Not gory enough and not entertaining enough. What a disappointment.

North Country8.8

Great performance by great actors. Interesting twists and turns in the story lines. Well, some of it was quite predictable but it’s still so damn good. Charlize Theron really did a good job in portraying an abused but strong women being put into a very hard situation. You felt sadness when you look at her character. Without an amazing acting talent, that feeling would be impossible to compose on the screen. Nice pacing and good ending. The only negative point about the movie is that maybe Charlize Theron was just too beautiful for the role. She is just too pretty…. Hmm hmm hmmm ywahhhaaahahaa


  1. "Hmm hmm hmmm" hahahah...

  2. o yeah you just can't stop from imagining all sort of thing with Charlize Theron....


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