Wednesday, October 17, 2007

no time to review movies !

Blue Spring - 8.2
Shocking, brutal and interesting movie about bad japanese high school students.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - 8.5
The film that put Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie on the map of movie making business. Awesome characters, great story lines, funny and the action scenes were great. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix - 8.0
Finally, a Harry Potter movie (including the first one) that does not suck! I like the darker atmosphere in this movie compared to other HP movies.

Shrek The Third - 8.5
What you would expect from a shrek movie. Extremely funny, unexpected storylines, brilliant dialogs, unprecedented animations and all the subtle touch make this film GREAT ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

The Aristocrats - 5.0
a documentary about a legendarily disgusting joke. The joke was not so bad, but this movie is boring. Avoid this movie.

Night Watch - 7.8
Might be the best russian movie I have ever watched. CGI effect were amazing. Story was quite confusing but it was interesting enough to keep your attention.

Retribution - 6.0
A japanese scary movie that failed to do what it was supposed to do: scare me. Just pass this.

R-Point - 8.4
Another great movie from Korea. Vietnam War + Horror. Good combination.

The Insurgent - 8.0
Another good low-budget movie. Ending was awesome.

Malcolm X - 8.5
Although there were parts that was a drag, this film is awesome! A good film about a great man. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Black Sheep - 5.0
Crap movie from New Zealand. Who would thought that a movie about zombie sheeps would suck? Not funny. Not scary. Avoid this film.

The Yes Men - 7.0
A really weird documentary about some guys who pretended to be the WTO; and in the same time succeeded to show how ridiculous the organization is.

Family Guy Star Wars - 8.5
It's Family Guy doing Star Wars !!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Robot Chicken Start Wars - 8.5
It's Robot Chicken doing Star Wars !!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

In Hell - 6.0
Van Damme. Boring movie.

Suspect Zero - 7.8
starts off slowly but the build up was awesome. Good story, well done ending.

Closer (HD DVD)- 8.5
holy shit this movie is good. watching natalie portman in a glittering thong in full high definition is awesome !!! amazing performance by Clive Owen, Jude Law, Julia Roberts and of course the lovely natalie portman. dialog was extremely GOOD! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Bad Reputation - 6.0
a meh low budget movie. the concept and story was good, but the execution was a bit too amateurish.

The Lookout - 8.3
very interesting story. amazing performance by joseph gordon-levitt.RECOMMENDED.

36 - 8.4
another great french movie! great story lines, great action sequences and satisfying ending. RECOMMENDED.

Bambi Meets Godzilla - 8.0
short, sweet and evolutionary at the time of it's release. RECOMMENDED.

Next - 7.5
not the best nicolas cage movie. pretty generic action movie. the CGI was pretty bad.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry - 7.5
ben stiller was not so funny in this one, which is disappointed because i always loved his movies.

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