Thursday, January 10, 2008

documentaries are awesome too!

Sometimes it’s good to watch documentaries!

Mind Your Own Business – 6.5

Environmentalists have been fighting foreign mining companies in third world countries for centuries using the media, and now it’s the mining company’s turn to fight back. The film did have a point in the benefits of these companies but the whole vibe of the film was so biased and felt like only half of the stories were told.

Deliver Us From Evil – 7.4

A documentary about respected priests sexually abusing children and taking a big dump on the Catholic Church’s believers’ trust. A shameful secret that has been swept under the rug for a long time; you will be shocked in disbelief at this absurd scandal, not even jesus-san could save them from this horrible sin.

Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteer – 7.0

The title describes it all. This film reveals a sickening truth of U.S. contractors making HUGE profits out of the war, directly out of American tax payers’s pockets. Made me understand one of the main reasons of war: MONEY.

The Devil Came On Horseback – 7.5

Exposing the genocide in Darfur, Sudan with horrific images of death, destruction, sadness and lost of hope in humanity. A genocide against muslims, by muslims… while other Islamic countries pretended they knew nothing. My heart broke into pieces when I watch this.

The Rise of Video Game – 7.4

An interesting documentary about the rise of video games that is slowly starting to take the place of TVs as the centre of common household entertainment. What else?

No End In Sight – 7.8

An analysis of WHY the invasion of iraq was a failure from the start. Americans should watch this movie and decide for themselves: are the blood of innocent Iraqis slain throughout the war was their responsibility because they choose a clumsy and evil leader?

Iraq In Fragments – 8.8

An excellent documentary about ordinary Iraqis trying to live in a country torn apart by war, occupation and racial tension. There were no narration, the Iraqis in the film themselves move and tell their own stories and hardships. This is the best documentary about Iraq during the war. Recommended.

Why We Fight – 8.5

Why the Americans fight? Why did they go to war? Watch this film if you want another answer other than ‘protecting the freedom and liberty of Americans’.

God’s Warrior – 8.5

This attempt by CNN to be without bias when discussing about religious extremists should be praised. This 3-part documentary (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) explores the holy warriors, those who would give their blood and guts to upload GOD’s will.

My Boyfriend The Sex Tourist – 8.0

An eye opener; a ‘behind the scenes’ video told from the perspective of women offering fake love to men with money. This documentary encourages prostitution while in the same time discourages it. Interesting while sad, true stories of real people in real need for help.

Jesus Camp – 9.0

A documentary about evangelical Christians forcing religious beliefs on their own children by sending them to summer camps that brain-washes them into a bible preaching robots. And that was just my personal opinion.

Occupation 101 – 9.5

I know it’s hard to watch a documentary film because it feels like taking a class. But even if you are a documentary hater, this is one documentary that you absolutely must find and watch. For so long have the Palestinians been demonized by western and pro-israeli media. This documentary does not do the opposite of that, but rather shows you the truth about the suffering of Palestinians on their own land by a greater, oppressive power. This film educates you about the essential facts and history about the very conflict that shakes the world of three religions. Watch this documentary, please. And do pass it on to your friends and families; whether they’re muslim, christian, jewish, atheist, whatever. A MUST WATCH.

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