Tuesday, January 08, 2008

japanese one hit wonders

we all love one hit wonders! they debut into the mainstream music industry with an incredible song that captivates us with their new, sweet sounding melody; rising up through the charts, getting air time all over your radio and tv, and suddently disappears into thin air without any new news. they sky-rocked into stardom and fall as hard into oblivion.

one hit wonders come and go. that's just how it works in the highly competitive world of the music industry. and today i'm going to introduce 2 japanese artists who i think is going to be another one hit wonder of 2007. each of them had this one really great song, but their other stuff just sucks.

anyways, i really like both of the songs below. the song by RSP was very unique and cool plus the lyrics were very awesome and definitely not stupid. the song by soulja on the other hand was really soothing and the lyrics were very poetic (like a lot of japanese rap songs nowadays) and the melody is very catchy. take a listen and enjoy, before their time to get off the music industry comes!

p/s: RSP got the award for the best newcomer artist for the song below.

RSP - Lifetime Respect(女編) [women version]


SoulJa feat Aoyama Thelma - ここにいるよ [kokoni iruyo (i'm here)]



  1. suka sgt lagu RSP itu. 1st heard it at a store in Yamagata, lps dgr tu, my bf n i x brenti nyanyi2 一生一緒にいてくれや part w/o knowing lagu apakah itu....seb baek pastu kuar kt Msta..

  2. haha chorus dia memang saikou. tapi lagu tu was actually an answer song to the 三木道三 version. lagu original dia reggea gila. dua2 best la.

    video link:


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