Monday, August 04, 2008

hokkaido summer trip day 3

Day three was filled with lots of sightseeing, flower gardens and nature. We left the Asahikawa Washington Hotel at 9:00 am and arrived at Yoshide Hill (美瑛の丘) to see Ken & Marie’s Tree (ケンとメリーの木). The huge tree was used in Nissan’s Skyline ads during the early 70’s and got it’s name from the characters used in the ad. The huge tree stands tall and huge all alone and there was no other significant tree around the area, making it such a sight to see.

It was written on the pamphlet.

Next is the The Color of Four Seasons Hills (四季彩の丘) located just 10 minutes from Yoshide Hill. The hills here are filled with flowers of various color and scent, stretching to as far as my eyes could see. Everything is so colorful, and I don’t know how to say this without sounding gay; the hills are really pretty and it made me happy inside.

The yellow flowers smelled like chicken shit, though.






I like to take pictures, but I have no sense when it comes to posing for the camera.


As I was taking poses for the camera, my phone rang. I looked at the caller id, and my heart stopped a beat: it’s from nifco, the company that I went for an interview last week. This might be the result of my final interview!


「doki doki」

My heart beats faster. I took a deep breath.

「This is ***** from the Nifco personnel department, and I am going to give you the result for the final interview that was conducted at our Tokyo headquarters last week. Are you ready?」

*Yes sir, please.

「Here is the result. You passed. You got the job. Congratulation. We are going to send you the necessary documents and your professor will also be informed.」

*Oh, ok. Thank you very much… wait a minute. I passed!? Woot!

「Bla blab la」

*Bla bla bla! I’ll do my best!


This is an awesome feeling.


I’m back on the right direction again.


I clenched my fist and punched the clouds, screaming

YATTA ZE \(^O^)/ !!!

Alhamdulillah, I did it. Another burden, off my shoulders.

Now I felt like taking pictures. Goody-feeling pictures! The picture above was taken seconds after the phone call.

On the way back to the bus, I bought a special vanilla-lavender flavored soft ice-cream; it was so good; especially when it’s hot outside. I managed to finish it in just minutes!

On the bus, the Dato' Seri Najibian girl sitting next to me was eating the same soft ice-cream. I don’t know why, but I think girls should be banned from eating dripping soft ice-creams, especially when she is sitting next to me on a bus. The licking is one thing, the sound that they make when slurping all those thick, creamy, white ice-cream… is uncomfortable to my innocent ears.

「You want some? It’s really yummy! 」I must agree, it tasted better this time with her saliva on; and believe me, that is NOT the most perverted sentence that I have ever written here in this blog.

I was forced to think about other happy thoughts until the bus arrived at the Furanoburu Matsuo (ルラノーブル マツオ) restaurant for lunch. We ate seafood sukiyaki (I guess?) for lunch, and it was not so bad. I just hoped that there were not so many bean sprouts!

After lunch, I went to the souvenir section of the restaurant to buy some memorabilia of hokkaido’s most famous cartoon character: Mari Mokkori kun (まりモッコリ君). The most intriguing quality about Mari Mokkori kun is that even though he is famous with children, he never failed to keep a raging, hard BONER every second of his appearance. I don’t know what gave him the raging hard boner, but this cute guy has guts. You don’t find many people who bravely show their boner to everyone, and are able to pull in the cute factor, all in the same time. Mari Mokkoki kun, you are my idol. I guess he teaches his fans to not be afraid of displaying your true self, even with a hard-rock boner.

According to 訳, mokkori (もっこり) means: 1) penile erection 2) the ‘tent’ an erection makes against pants or bedsheets.

We got on the bus again and arrived at Tomita Farm (ファーム富田) at 12:35pm. There was nothing much to do here but this farm is famous with its juicy orange melons (real melons!); so we went straight to Tomita’s Melon House. And I must say, although it was quite expensive (250yen a slice), it was worth it, every single yen. This has got to be the juiciest, most delicious melons that I have ever tasted. And I’m talking about real melons, not human melons, my dear friends.

I also bought a sweet scenting perfume made out of lavender. I knew that the perfume is probably made with women as the user in mind, but who knows... I might be lucky enough to attract two or better, four lesbians. Hmm... Hmm... Mari Mokkori Kun tought me to be a dreamer.

Next stop is the Northern Horse Park located in Tomakomai City. Other than the expected horse rides, they also has other activities like archery, golf, cycling etc. This time I joined the Taiwanese group and went to the horse barn with them. As I was talking to this horse named Blonde Streaker, I could see one of the Taiwanese girls stepping on a pile of horse shit. HUGE horse shit. She noticed that I was the only one looking, so she asked me to keep it a secret. Hell, even if I do keep it a secret, everyone would know just by the smell and how the textures of her knickers changed color. Girls, please be more careful of animal poop when walking.

After that, I took the horse-cart ride before doing some archery. Then it’s dinner at the park’s restaurant. The meal was simple and nothing amazing. The Taiwanese girl who stepped on a HUGE pile of horse shit earlier was sitting next to me. I tried to focus on my food. Horses only eat small plants and grass, so their shit is not a big deal. Even if it’s fucking HUGE.

The Northern Horse Park was our last tourist attraction for the whole trip, so it’s time to say goodbye to the great Hokkaido. We arrived at the Tomakomai Port at 07:10pm and the ferry departed for Hachinoe at 09:15pm. Sayonara Hokkaido. It has been an awesome experience, and I'm not sure whether my grammar is correct or not .


  1. Aaahhh Hokkaido ni ikitai! ~_~

    Aw man, I miss archery.

    And I'm so... surprised that a cartoon character like Mari Mokkori exists! XD

  2. mari mokkori started as an unknown merchandise character in hokkaido; but after japanese ice skater miki ando were seen with her mari mokkori cellphone-strap, the character got an instant national craze, encouraging the designers to put out theme song CDs and short-anime DVDs that sky-rocketed the craze to unexpected levels.

    you shouldn't be so surprised though because this is japan that we are talking about.



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