Tuesday, August 05, 2008

hokkaido summer trip day 4

The ferry we boarded this time was different from the one we came with. On the previous ferry, we were divided to 3 separate rooms. This time, all 36 of us were forced to share the night in one big room together. There seemed to be a slight problem with the tickets so we got no other choice.

I’m pretty tired at this time, so I tried to sleep. Unfortunately, this is quite impossible because when you put 36 people in one big room, noise is going to be a problem. The Chinese are playing dices, the Koreans are playing Korean cards, the Taiwanese were watching Korean soap dramas on tv... it’s like in a fishing market in there.

I felt a little dizzy so after taking 2 pills with water; I decided to go to the ofuro located at the 7th level for a warm bath.

The ofuro was not so big, and at the time I first arrived, it was already full with naked people with their dicks hanging around like it’s a merry dick fest. I cannot stand the excessive content of dicks and penises, so I got out; and decided to wait it out and go to the ofuro later, when there are not so many penises walking around.

So I went for a walk outside. It was quite windy and dark but the cool breeze of the ocean wind made me stay. I don’t know how long did I stand there, not thinking about a thing, just hearing the sound of ocean; but eventually I got bored. So I went to level 5 to chat with the information center chick. She was not doing anything anyways so I guess I’m doing her a favor.

When I felt that I’ve taken enough of her working time, I decided to went and check out the ofuro again. I’m in luck, there was only one guy in there!

*it is the rule of every ofuro (hot bath) in japan for the customer to strip naked when entering the bathing room. you were only allowed to bring a small towel to cover your penis. so even if you have a big dick, you are only allowed to bring the same small-sized towel, sorry.*

Ofuro is an awesome thing, especially when you’re tired. I felt lighter after spending 20 minutes in there. I felt refreshed and fully recovered from the headaches and dizziness.

I returned to the group room and everyone has already started to prepare to go to bed. I just got back from a hot bath, so in no way am I sleepy! The Dato Seri Najibian girl (let’s call her najib) also couldn’t sleep yet so we decided to go to the café to have a drink.

She noticed the huge scar on my right hand, so I told him how I got it. In return, she showed me her scars, and started to tell me the story of each scar. Pretty scary stuff. She got knifed, burn injuries from iron, fell from horses and all sort of other painful injuries that left scars all over her body. Well, not ALL over her body, but for a girl, she got lots of scars.

We’re still not sleepy enough, so we decided to go outside, hoping that the darkness and the cold breeze of wind might help. My brilliant strategy worked, so we went to bed.

We finally arrived at the Hachinoe Port at 04:45am, and then we’re on the bus again. We stopped at the Hachinoe Train Station to eat our bento breakfast. Everyone else got the pig bento, while I got the special seafood one. It was pretty delicious actually, with the exquisite combination of squid, saba, shrimp and clamp.

We arrived safely at the university’s main gate at 10:30am, and the people from the foreign students’ office were waiting for our arrival. I said my goodbyes and rushed home because I got a seminar to attend to that afternoon.

Overall, I think it has been a great trip. Hokkaido is such a beautiful place to be. The air is cleaner and the food tastes better. I’m definitely going back!


  1. what a great holiday ah?

    nice writing nway..

    and congratzz for d job offer!

  2. it's not great, it's SUPER !

    with that done, now i can write about something else!

    the process of getting the job was not easy, so i'm pretty glad that i got it.

    thanks for the kind wishes!

  3. uhh..hate dis guy!...selalu aje gi jenjalan..he travels to many interesting places...!!!
    mau pergi juga!


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