Thursday, November 20, 2008

interim-presentation done (^.^)

It’s November the 20th, the morning sun is shining brightly, and yes, I’m still breathing.

I did the interim-presentation yesterday, and thankfully, I could walk out of that presentation room without any physical or mental injury.

It was not as bad as I expected.

Of course, I could’ve done it better if I was not sniffing all the time and not stutter when presenting; but in the end I’m so glad that it was over.

And I even took a video while I was presenting.

A note about the video: The first minute of it is in total darkness because I forgot to take it out from my pocket. I took the video just so that I could review my own presentation and hopefully improve upon my presentation skills.

And I don’t think anyone should look at it because, who wants to hear me talk about a subject as boring as molecular kinetics in phase transition (分子動力学による相転移)?

Anyways, with the presentation done, now I have a little freedom to do what I like this weekend. I’d probably spend the whole weekend indoors because it’s already snowing and I don’t want to be outside in the cold.

I can finally start reading the Idiot’s Guide to Street Magic that I bought some time ago at a bargain price from Amazon.

I can also try to finish playing Dead Space and hopefully Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Or I can start a new Fallout 3 game and this time, maybe I’ll try something new by playing an evil female character with maximum strength and minimum intelligence.

I got tons and tons of new movies to play catch up with. It’s been a week since I’ve watched any movies, and that is rare because I normally watch one movie a day.


Alhamdulillah, satu masalah dah selesai. Baik aku berenti menulis untuk hari ini, pegi solat Zohor kat umah Faiz, pastu tolong jadi bahan experiment Shazy. Chiao!


  1. Glad to know all went well with the presentation. Thanks for reminding me to stock up on movies and games for this winter. i hate being stuck at home with the same boring entertainment. I'm also playing Dead Space, im really enjoying it.

  2. Grats! You must feel very relieved now. I would be interested to hear about molecular kinetics in phase transition - too bad it's in Japanese XD. I'm really not a big fan of Physics - I wanted to vomit when I saw those formulas with symbols in them @_@. I don't know how you do it!

  3. @shadder:
    where are you located? and yeah, DEAD SPACE is awesome, especially if you play it in the dark while turning up the volume. it's atmospheric! have a good winter!

    yeah i'm glad it's over. now i can worry about the FINAL-presentation !!! anyways, nano-scale physics is already hard for me, then you add the language factor! no wonder i'm having a hard time doing all this! but thank god i could still push through.

  4. I'm located in Canada, Alberta province. Winters here can be rough sometimes but totally bearable. That's when i do my hibernation. Oh, and about playing games like Dead Space in complete darkness with the volume turned up... You bet-cha! There is no other way to play it. Just make sure you got several clean pairs of shorts on the side for when you piss yourself screaming!

  5. haha nice one; but i'm a horror fan, so my bladder is sturdy strong ;)

    i always wanted to visit canada! i have an impression that canada has like the most places that's worth to be post-carded... IF there is such a word.

    happy hibernating in alberta!


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