Tuesday, November 25, 2008

of breaking locks, japanese kids and UNIX

Today I went to the nearest bicycle shop near the university to get help in cutting the locks on my bike. Yes, I lost the darn keys and the only solution to the problem is to get the locks cut at a bike shop because that is the only place where they have the special cutting tools to get the job done.

The bike shop is owned by an old war veteran who used to serve in the pacific battles of World War 2. While he works on my bike, he told me a little bit about the war.

He served in Saipan as a combat personnel and he told me that he was considered lucky to have survived Saipan because a lot of his buddies died serving there. He also has friends who served in Malaya and he told me that a lot of the guys who served in Malaya survived; unlike in other battles.

I didn’t have the courage to ask him「鬼畜米兵を殺したことある?」

- Have you killed any Kichiku Beihei?


As I was looking at him working on my locks while telling stories about the war, this one little boy, maybe around 2-3 years old, come up to me, and asked 「ママどこ?」

Mama, doko? = Where’s Mommy?

I was like woo where does this boy came from? So I asked him about his mother, and he replied 「じてんしゃ」

Jitensha = Bicycle

Probably his mom brought him somewhere around here by bike, but I can’t really help. The war vet is also clueless. So he called his wife to deal with it. I don’t know where his wife took that little boy, but I hope he found his mom safely.

Anyways, that boy is so freaking cute. Japanese kids are very cute! That made me want to have my own Japanese kids hehehe.


鬼畜米兵 - Kichiku Beihei is what the Japanese used to call the American Army during the war. It means ' The Fucking American Army Devils/Demons'. But now, people don't really have a strong sentiment against the American Army, except in Okinawa of course. The Americans have a huge military base in Okinawa, and there is a lot of activists in Okinawa who opposes the base because of the many rape and murder cases commited against innocent school girls there. These animals rape and killed its victims, then quickly return to base to hide from Japanese law.


Moving on, I now have to try to get used to this new unix operating system that I have to use for the next 3-4 months.

The reason for this is because the theme of my thesis has changed dramatically, the machines that I’m going to work on has also changed and the new simulation software that I’m going to use is only going to work on Unix systems.

The simulations that I’m going to perform are going to be pretty processor heavy, because it requires the system to perform mathematical calculations while trying to display the results in real-time graphics.

That means the system depends a lot of graphic processors to help the CPU. The problem is, I try to update the drivers for the graphic processors to the latest ones so that when I was not working or just taking a break, I could surf the media-heavy internet and also watch videos in a smoother fashion. The real problem is that when I updated the drivers, it interferes with the simulation program, fucking up the real-time graphics simulation.

So this means that when I want to work, I have to boot up Unix using the default drivers that won’t support the recent video playbacks and the media-heavy internet.

When I want to take a break, surf the net or maybe watch some videos, I have to re-boot to Windows with the new driver that support multi-media features.

This going back and forth between operating systems is freaking me out! I want to be able to watch Akiyama Rina’s gravure DVDs while I work on my simulations!!!

Eikura Nana


  1. hehe, kids are so much fun to watch especially when they are at that age when they just start to walk, so cute. That sounds like some heavy duty processing power indeed! Gotta have the gravure dvd's in check, that's a must! by the way thanks for the gravure pic, daddy likes ~_^

  2. yeah kids are just adorable (^ ^)

    anyways, check out akiyama rina's gravure DVDs!

    it really makes waiting for my simulation to finish, worth it!


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