Wednesday, November 19, 2008

interim-presentation morning (*.*)

Today is going to be the day that I do the interim-presentation that I mentioned in my previous post. I really don’t know how this will turn out, but I guess I should just be prepared for the worst.

Although without any guidance and revision from my professor, I hope I’ve prepared a decent presentation that won’t get me killed by the other vicious department professors attending the presentation.

Anyways, one of my lab partners, who also didn’t get the opportunity to have his preparation for the presentation checked by the professor, is going nuts at the moment. He’s like o shit what should I be doing now!?

He is freaking out more than I do, and that kinda irks me.

He is a NATIVE JAPANESE speaker, so it’s going to be so much easier for him to do the presentation than me. I’m the foreign student here dude, and I don’t speak Japanese as awesome as you!

At times like these, I really feel that doing engineering in Japanese is kinda hard compared to doing it in English; I am once more being faced with a language barrier.

But I’ve walk over that barrier many, many times, so why should this be any harder? 

My lab partner should really chill the fuck down though, ‘coz him being nervous is making ME nervous. Ok, I'm really contradicting my self here but I’m not trying to say that he is having it easier than me, with him being Japanese and all, but come on! Sometimes shit are fucked up and didn’t go exactly as planned, so just deal with it like a man.

I got 5 more hours to go . . . . . 

and oh, it started to snow this morning. so begin the winter season. i'm already getting cold feet.

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Akiyama Rina trying to seduce herself


  1. Damn man, sounds nerve racking for sure. I hope all goes well. It's very impressive to know your into engineering and giving a presentation on it in a language that is not your native language.

  2. Well, thank God the presentation went well and not as bad as I thought it would be.

    I guess doing anything in a foreign language is not easy.

    Well, maybe except sex, but nonetheless, I've lived another day to tell the stories.


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