Tuesday, March 24, 2009

back in japan

i've been pretty busy since coming back from my short holiday in malaysia.

first and foremost, i finally graduated 4 days ago!

i'm so glad now that i have a piece of paper that certified me as a mechanical engineering degree holder, and hopefully that accomplishment could get me somewhere nice.

i spent 2 years of my life in akita just to get that piece of paper.

it must be something of important value.

anyways, like most japanese graduations all over japan, my graduation ceremony in akita was pretty quick, extremely formal, and ridiculously boring.

the only good side of it is that it only took 1 hour from start to finish.

that's how the japanese do their graduations.

the main reason why it ended so quickly was because instead of making each and every graduate walk up the stage to receive their certificate, the japanese way is to select one person as a representative for a particular faculty to receive the certificate on the whole faculty's behalf.

engineering faculty - 1 person
medical faculty - 1 person
education faculty - 1 person
and so on.

and like most ceremonies in japan, everything was extremely formal; no clapping, no laughing, no yeehaa finally i graduated yeah fuck school!

although it was pretty boring, i AM extremely glad that i finally graduated. hopefully the combination of my diploma and degree could be put to good use.


3 days ago, after my 5th try, i finally got my japanese driving license!

now i can legally drive in japan! wuhoo! i can also start to make decision on whether to get a honda fit, or a mazda rx8.

decisions, decisions.

*note: i got an 'automatic-transmission-only' driving license.


on that same day, i also managed to get my working visa and changed my staying status from 'collage student' to 'engineer'.

looks like my transition to enter working life is going smoothly, as of now.

i still got a lot of work to do before i could move out to kanagawa.

i'm sending all of my stuff to the new apartment in kanagawa tomorrow, so i really need to finish packing those boxes.

and right now, my current apartment doesn't really look like an apartment where humans live.

boxes everywhere.


and all sorts of garbage.


moving out, starting a new life as a working person, adjusting to a new town... i will be busy these first few weeks.

and i don't see myself updating my blog as frequently as i used to.

kinda makes me sad though.

maybe the life of a student is sexier?

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