Monday, March 30, 2009

moving to kanagawa

Eleven boxes full of my stuff from Akita to Kanagawa costs about 15000 yen.

It was not cheap, and I really hope I could claim that money back.

Anyways, I have finished packing up and cleaning my old apartment; and that is all thanks to the full cooperation and swift work by my kohais, who spend their precious time to help me and Zarul tidy up the place.

And bought the stuff that we don’t want to bring along.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
The morning sun was brilliant.

The picture is taken while Zarul is driving me to the Akita Station so that I could take the earliest Shinkansen to Tokyo, leaving Akita for good.

I thank Affir and Mantop for letting me stay in their new, huge apartment for that night.

^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* My breakfast (and also lunch) in the shinkansen was a simple one.

One sake-nigiri, a bottle of milk tea and a bar of snickers.

Like always, my view is fixed to the window.

The snowy scenery outside was pretty amazing.

But I can’t really focus of the scenery because I have a book to finish:仕事の基本が身につく本 – this book teaches everything that I need to know about Japanese working culture.

Like how to bow, how to talk politely with seniors and clients, how to receive meishi (name card), how to politely refuse invitation to get piss drunk after work etc.

You know… the basis of how to become a Japanese salaryman.

My training requires me to finish the book because they are going to have a test of my Japanese mannerism and how much I know about the Japanese business manner and culture.

I arrived at my new apartment (provided and fully supported by the company) impressed with the place. I thought it would be smaller.

This is always a good sign.

The floor was quite cold though, but I can’t complain much because they provided the washing machine, shower room, toilet, air conditioner, intercom, kitchen etc all for free.

This must be a sign of something good.

I hope.


  1. Anonymous12:42 AM

    salaam again bro!
    im so jealous to be honest. i wish i got to live and work in japan! being a doctor in japan for a foreigner is pretty close to impossible... :(
    as always, all the best inshallah!
    malaysia boleh! (my malay friends from university taught me that!)

  2. Wsalam matsudolegend!

    I don't think you should be jealous at all

    There is nothing special about working in Japan unless of course... You're really into the culture.

    Anyways, you can always spend another 4 years to obtain a degree in engineering.



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