Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fujikyu Daisakusen

Yesterday was a very tiring day.

But it was a blast of fun and I don't remember myself jumping in joy and giddy excitement for a long time.

I went with my new co-workers, and I was really glad that my co-workers were this cool and everyone really played hard; like the pig flu's going to cause the end of the world tomorrow!

Anyways, going to Fujikyu, we went and tried the Fujiyama, Japan's biggest (they claim that they're the tallest in the world!) roller coaster ride, and I even managed to slip through my camera and capture a video of the experience.

Of course, I got scolded severely by the staff when I got caught, but I just made my 'dumb-gaijin' face, and went off scott-free.

It was actually very WRONG of me to do such irresponsible act because it does bring some safety issues; like what if I lose the camera during the ride, and it hit the passengers at the back at such high speed?



Fujikyu definetely has the best roller coasters in the whole of Japan, that I can guarantee.

We also tried the EEJYANAIKA ride, and it was the best roller coaster experience that I ever had! It was fucking insane!

You were hung on air and as the ride sped up to mind blowing speed, they turn you around in 360 degrees while the ride goes upside down and some.

We ended up riding the EEJYANAIKA two times and it was still not enough; although I almost crap my pants every time each ride was over.

Rode the FUJIYAMA two times too!

And of course, being a fan of horror movies and everything that has to do with scaring the shit out of oneself, I just can't miss visiting the Haunted Hospital, the world's largest haunted attraction.

One Monday worth spending with the people that you work with for sure!


  1. LOL the "dumb-gaijin" act. Works wonders. I still keep it as a secret weapon (to be coupled along with the "innocent blur girl" act).

    WOW Haunted Hospital!!! Soooooooo COOL. That's the coolest-sounding "haunted house" I've ever heard of. And the world's biggest at that! Ada gambar tak?

  2. don't know how much powerful the 'dumb-gaijin' ninjutsu technique is, but it does work wonders when one mischievous gaijin needs it!

    and yeah, the haunted hospital was pretty sick, but silent hill fans would have boners all the way through.

    gamba ada, tapi kat pintu masuk jeh; camera not allowed inside :(

  3. Incidentally, I AM a huge Silent Hill fan T___T..

    That's why I was excited. I would loveeee to visit that place. Although, obviously, I won't be having, you know, ... hahahahahhaha

  4. then you would love the haunted hospital! they even have bloodied nurses! woot!

    what do you call a womanly boners though in english? i'm quite sure that there exists such things....


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