Wednesday, April 01, 2009

i'm officially a salaryman

just like many fresh graduates all around Japan who attended 入社式 (nyushashiki - company entrance welcoming ceremony), i attended mine today.

it is a japanese tradition to hold such formal ceremonies to officially welcome the newcomers on the first of april.

as this is a japanese ceremony, it was extremely formal and everything has to be done accordingly and everyone must show their ability to become one and act in one harmonious and synchronized sets of action.

anyways, the most interesting part of the ceremony is the speech by the company president.

at these troubled times when more than 200,000 japanese workers lost their jobs, i should be glad that i didn't lost mine.

the president predicted a future that is not going to be easy, but hope is not lost.

i can only nod my head, not really grasping wether i understood the reality of the situation.



  1. daijyoubu deshou! (ape bende ko tulih ngan japanese characters tu? tgh malas nk google) 1st kanji DAI/OO kan?? aku assume daijyoubu a.. hehe..

  2. Anonymous12:52 AM


  3. Aha you got it right munsep

    It means that it is going to be OK



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