Saturday, July 18, 2009

1:1 Scale Gundam & Farewell En. Jasri

Last night I went out with my co-workers to a Hawaiian place where the food was Hawaiian; it was a very nice place, the food was brilliant and the Hawaiian make-belief was further strengthen by Hawaiian musicians.

It was a fun night; we even played some old school party games from this old Japanese variety tv program 学校へ行こう! (Gakkou e ikou! - Let's go to school!).

Brings back old memories of my early days in Tokyo.


This morning I woke up around 10 am, with an annoying headache.

I almost forgot that I'm going to En Jasri's farewell party that was held at the Malaysian Embassy's Staff Apartment, so I rushed to prepare to get on the 10:50 am train to Naka-Meguro.

I arrived at Naka-Meguro Station at about 11:45 am, and I went to the nearest Doutour to get some toast and caramel latte while I wait for Bentong to arrive.

We didn't know how to get there by bus, so we decided to walk.

I met En Jasri, En Redha and En Zubir; and we exchange a couple of sentences.

En Jasri was a really great government officer in charge of the Malaysian students, and I was quite bummed actually that he is going back to Malaysia for a new job.

Anyways, En Jasri gave us a little speech, and it was quite a scary one; especially to those still studying in Japan under government scholarships.

They have decided to cut the amount of allowances if the student didn't perform on a certain expected level set by them.

I can felt the gloom surrounding the room when this was announced.

As for me, I'm done already, so I need to only worry about job and how am I going to improve my skills at work.

We said our farewells, then off we go to Odaiba to see the time-limited 1:1 scale GUNDAM!!!

It was such a hot day, and there were thousands and thousands of people crowding the park where the giant Gundam stands so freaking handsomely and strong.

It was really bigger than I expected.

It was pretty much the coolest object that I have seen this year.

I hope the next coolest object that I am going to see this year is a pair of medium sized, mango shaped breasts.

For free.
Anyways, I'm was never a fan of Gundam.

I've never watched the anime.

Never read the manga.

Never took the time to build a gunpura.

So why a non-fan like me would take the journey to Odaiba just to see this?

It's simple.

I'm just trying to make those hardcore Gundam fans jealous.


Good Night people!



  1. too bad I couldn't make it. I heard Mr Jasri gave a good speech. Anyone can write about his speech?

  2. yeah the speech was pretty bold... and may i say quite scary? LOOL.

    especially to the new kohais...


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