Saturday, July 25, 2009

unagidon on payday

time seems to be flying so fast that i don't even realize that it's payday already.

i decided to NOT get sushi last night, but instead an energizing unigidon bento instead.

i realized that this is the first time i ate unagi this year, and it tasted just great as always.

it's summer in Japan and during summer, eating unagi has been a culinary 'tradition' here.


anyways, i managed to write a new post that would be an extension to my previous post about answering 'hard' questions from my Japanese mates.

in the new post, i tried to tackle one of the two questions that i brought up, and that is the freedom of religious choice for Malaysian Muslims and the New Economic Policy.

i'll be writing about the former first.

i hope i could post it here as soon as possible.


today i'm going to the Nagatsuta Firework Festifal with my co-workers (there will be about 20 of us), and it would be great!

it's going to be a great evening, and i'll make sure to make a new post here and upload pictures on my facebook album.


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