Sunday, August 23, 2009

early month of ramadhan

it is the muslim month of ramadhan.


i went to yokohama to see some people dance!

it's the yokohama city's hamakoi dance festival.

the number of groups performing was pretty impressive; and they bring their own originality to their routine. ranging from groups of office ladies.
to high school girls.
obasan with cool okinawan dance gear.
to freaking loli-bear favorites: elementary kids.
and this guy. he wears green scarf on his belly.
or this ojisan trying to take a peek behind the jazzy themed high school girls dance troupe.

here's some video:

then during the night, my co-workers brought me to yataizushi.

to eat sushi.

good old sushi.
maguro maki, avocado gundan, aji, saba, anago, ama ebi, ika, aburi salmon, tuna sarada... and kari.

and oh, their uni was fantastic!

then we did some random stuff until morning.

where i decided to have ice café au lait coupled with butter toast, and boiled eggs.

that might not be enough to some people, but i can't really eat much on mornings.

then later on, i found myself an american football helmet.

so i tried it on, and try to look the look.

where am i going with this?

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