Sunday, October 18, 2009

this weekend

this weekend i spent most of my time relaxing, watching movies, playing video games and going outside to explore new cities.

i went to nagoya today, and was surprised to saw this statue that was located just outside of nagoya station.

as you can see from the picture below, it is obviously a statue of a naked women doing an anal-fisting; in the middle of a public space.

i guess the nagoyans are crazy too!

i also got to play uncharted 2's multiplayer, and it was pretty good.

maybe not as good as modern warfare, but at least on par with gear of war 2's.

and that's a high spot to top off.

anyways, i got bored really fast, so i turned to a demo of battlefield 1943 and it was a blast!

then i continued my gaming marathon with a couple of hours of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S Clear Sky and i must say, this one is a gem of an FPS.

great atmosphere, great gun battles, great immersiveness, overall a great game although the story was confusing and the characters were very weak.

with my room tidier and equipped with stuff that i needed, now i can feel like home again.

with that, i hope this means that i could really focus on learning new skills at work, and play harder when i'm off.

tomorrow's going to be a great starting day.

i just hope i could get my hands on a decent honda fit as soon as possible without much hassle.


  1. xblh blah gmbr kat atas tuh.. hehehe,

    ac2ally nk tanye;

    susah x blaja bhase jepun..?


  2. susah ke tak?

    hmm... susah nak jawab hehehe.

    sebab lain orang, lain kebolehan.

    jangan cepat putus asa, practice banyak2, pastu paling penting: enjoy the language!




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