Sunday, November 15, 2009

getting certificate for parking space

So on Thursday I took the half day off (午後半休) so that I could visit the Toyota City’s Police Station.

My main objective of going there is to acquire the ‘certification for parking space’ or 自動車保管場所証明 in Japanese.

As stated in the 保管場所法 (Laws for place of storage), before one were allowed to own a vehicle, one were legally required to have a parking space to place that vehicle.

If you don’t have a certified parking place for your vehicle, then you don’t get to own that vehicle in Japan.

Japanese car dealers would charge up to 10000 yen if you want them to do this procedure for you, but I don’t want to pay that much money for something so simple to do; so I decided to make some research so that I could do it all by myself.

Well it did took me like 1 hour to figure and sort out all the documents that I needed, but at least I don’t have to waste money, and the extra knowledge was never a waste.

Now, this would be my second time inside a Japanese Police Station, and this time I didn’t get there by riding a black Toyota Crown driven by a grumpy Japanese Policeman.

The inside of Toyota City’s Police Station was very... old and washed out.

I’d reckon if a group of high school Yankees armed with water pistols and some really, really hard potatoes, were to assault that place, they’d be punching holes into that building.

I entered the main building welcomed by the voice of one angry mother who couldn’t stop scolding her gyaru daughter for some shit she did that brought her to the police station.

The girl had black contact lenses that made her pupils look bigger, like a manga character, and application of heavy gyaru make-up and a red jump-suit with a pony-tail hair-do to complete her image as the usual street 不良少年 (furyou shounen – juvenile delinquents?).

I went to the second floor and was greeted by this very friendly looking lady on the counter.

Everything went smooth, except she was surprised when I said that I’m not Japanese, and I successfully protected my rights when she asked to copy my alien registration card.

Japanese police always wants to take copies of my alien registration card.

Give them my fingerprints and a passport photo; they’d be smiling from ear to ear.


  1. bentong10:56 PM

    ko cakap mcm mane pasal photostat alien card tuh?

  2. Hahaha... i remembered the time when i was in the black toyota crown.... alien card da expired, aku xsedar... tetiba ada polis nk check, kantoi... kene bawak pi balai.. smpi kt balai drg bwak pegi interagation room.. perghh trase macam fugitive csi plak.. pastu drg main2 good cop bad cop... trase sakit ati plak, terus aku speaking english.. haa pening pala drg... siap mintak wallet aku nak check, abis drg selongkar wallet aku.. siap puji duit rm1 malaysia lawa.. hahaha... pastu pas drg dpt konfirmation yg visa aku masih ade, (telephone immigration tuh...) lepas... pastuh drg antar kt eki terdekt.. anjing nye polis, tepaksa aku naik blk densha pegi destinasi sebenar...


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