Wednesday, November 18, 2009

toyota police station seconds

so i took another half-day off today so that i could go to the toyota city's police station once again to pick up my vehicle-parking certificate, and so some other stuff that needs to be done.

nothing worth writing happened really, except that i have totally forgotten to introduce you to (Aichi Prefecture) Toyota City's Police Maskot, the owl.

the name is コノハケイブ (konohakeibu) and although the thing might look cute, i think they try to send the message that the police, although cute and all, are always watching you citizen at all times so BEWARE arrr!!!

anyways, the konoha (or eurasio scops-owl in english) is a common type of owl in Aichi Prefecture.

the picture below is taken when i was waiting for the bus on my way to the police station.

i love these types of scenery in Japan.

reminds me of home.

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