Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blog Hiatus

This really sucks.

But somehow my computer is having a very weird network problem that really makes me crazy.

The computer recognizes the local area network, but somehow I couldn't get into the Internet.

First I thought Windows 7 is acting up some strange shit, but after doing some inspection on the software specs and settings, I am pretty sure this is a hardware flaw.

I even tried using Vista and Windows XP to make sure this is the case.

My Xbox 360 and the PS3 connects to the Internet without any problem, so I really have no clue on the main cause of this extremely annoying problem.

Anyways, I have exausted all of my knowledge on how to fix a troubled computer; so I am going to get help from people that really knows what they're doing with computers; that they get paid to do so.

I have never faced a computer problem that I couldn't solve by myself before, this one might be something big.

Or maybe I am just not that techie anymore.

I bet the network card is the culprit, or my Internet service provider is fucking me in my asshole by manually blocking that one computer from the Internet.

Either ways, this means that I won't be updating my blogs more often than I would.

I got some 'experiences in weird japan' posts that I had in mind, but with the situation that I am in right now, that would have to wait.

Thankfully the iPhone is capable enough of letting me do most of Internet activities on it like checking emails, chatting, facebooking and like right now, blogging.

God damned computers... I really can't live without them.

What a bitch!

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