Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Movie Reviews for 2009?

G.I.Joe Rise of The Cobra – 8.0
Another cartoon series from my childhood made into a movie; and I was sure this is going to suck badly. I am so wrong. Of course the movie is filled with Hollywood action movie clichés but the amount of entertainment found in the movie was surprisingly plenty, and I was never bored from start to finish. Highly recommended for action movie fans, even if you don’t watch G.I.Joe cartoons. Can’t wait for Cobra on the second movie! Lastly: this movie is way BETTER than the transformer movies combined!

The Big Lebowski – 8.4
Dude! The movie is so fucking cool, it made me felt like I’m fucking cool too by just watching this movie. If you want to be cool, just like me, watch this movie! Great acting, amazing story, and probably the most fucking cool male character in a goddamned Hollywood movie!

Funny People – 8.4
I think Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow is made for each other, and this shows in their films. Adam Sandler never played a different character in any of his movies, but this one is the best of them all because it felt very translucent and 'real'. Some of the stand-up skits in the movie are so good, they ought to make a special that packs ONLY the stand-up content. Although the last part of the story felt a little bit 'dragged on', overall a very funny movie, especially if you like Adam Sandler and American Stand-Up culture. Recommended!

District 9 – 9.0
Unknown director. Unknown actors. Amazing movie. Imaginative storyline. With more budget, the special effects could have been better but I have never seen such a 'different' sci-fi action movie this year. If you like Sci-Fi Action movies, you will love this sure-cult-to-be movie. Amazing how the director manages to suck the viewers into his world and make it so real, giving the audience to experience something out of this world in such a short time. Highly Recommended!

Ip Man – 8.8
If you like Kung-Fu movies, you cannot go wrong with Ip Man. Simply put a kick-ass martial arts movie with an excellent story and superbly entertaining fight scenes. It might have a little Chinese VS Japanese theme to it, but it was done in a good sense; that is the Japanese Imperial Army IS the devil. Based on a real person, this movie is truly one HUGE proof that you can’t beat Hong Kong film makers when it comes to martial arts themed movie. Highly Recommended!

Inglorious Basterds – 8.5
Not just another crazy Quentin Tarantino movie, this time the director is bringing his crazy over the top coolness to the World War 2 arena. Like most of his movies, this movie is packed with memorable movie moments with it's crazy characters that will probably leave a mark in movie history. Although Tarantino's approach to movie making could be considered unethical and sometimes manic, Inglorious Basterds is not one movie to miss if you are a movie fan. Highly Recommended.

My Sister’s Keeper – 8.6
I watched My Sister's Keeper one day after I watched the crazy Inglorious Basterds, and I gave it a slightly better score compared to Tarantino's latest effort; and this movie stars a talented little girl named Abigail Breslin (new kid star to watch) and Cameron Diaz; and it is a drama with some elements of tear-jerker movies. I must have been crazy, but I felt really moved by this movie. It has a beautiful story, and a pacing that never gets bored. I guess I have weak spot for sick kids. Highly Recommended.

Oppai Volleyball – 7.2
The main reason I watch this movie is because Haruka Ayase is in it; and she plays a teacher who accidentally promised her male students in the male volleyball club that she would show her tits IF they won a single volleyball match during the national volleyball tournament. I was hoping that Haruka Ayase would really show her tits, but the cute and funny story of a sexually desperate group of loser Japanese kids was pretty interesting, that I kinda forgot the main reason I have an interest on this movie. Does anyone have a picture of Haruka Ayase with her glorious breasts all open full of happiness? I don't care if it's photo-shopped. I NEED TO SEE IT!!!

K-20 Legend of The Mask – 8.0
I am honestly surprised to realize how entertaining this movie was. Of course, no one can deny the influence of big budgeted Hollywood action hero movies like Spiderman or Batman, has on this movie but I have never seen an ‘epic’ Japanese action movie that was this watchable. The alternate reality set on 1949 Tokyo was very appealing and the action sequences rivals the best from Hollywood. It got action, OK story, comedy and drama. I wouldn’t ask for more. Recommended!

Moon – 8.4
This excellent one-man-show tells a very sad and heart-breaking story of a desperately lonely worker stationed on the moon. When the truth were unveiled about the real identity of the character, I can't felt nothing but heart broken and sympathetic for the poor guy; and this result is achieved by the brilliant acting and spot on atmosphere. Recommended.

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince – 7.8
I never liked any of the Harry Potter movies, but I really enjoyed this latest one. The story was not boring, the pacing was more balanced than any of the previously released Harry Potter movies that I actually stay awoke from start to finish, and Hermione's got TITS! I remember her being so little but now damn! She has become one hot chick! In the next Harry Potter movie, they should make Hermione shows her tits more; that would definitely made the movie far better. LOLs.

Up – 7.5
To tell you the truth, I think this is just another Disney movie. It was definitely not bad, but nothing was special about it. I enjoyed watching it and that is all that matters.

The Cove – 8.0
Ahh… Whale/dolphin activists… I always think that they're mere nuisances and should be kick in the balls for being so fucking loud about an issue that does not concern them, but after watching this huge eye-opening documentary, now I know why they're so drugged up to do all the dangerous media stunts that they did. By exposing to the world what the Japanese fisherman were doing in that small Taiji cove, I hope it would make more people including the unaware Japanese public to discuss the matter more openly, and to let the Japanese people decide, do they want this to be their culture?

500 Days of Summer – 8.0
What a way to make a romance movie. Well, this movie does not specifically fit to be called a 'romantic' movie, as the story has some unpredictable turns and storyline, but it was sweet nonetheless. I will probably remember watching this movie, but I can't really put it shoulder to shoulder with the best of the genre.

Jennifer’s Body – 6.0
I loved Diablo Cody’s Juno, and with Megan Fox in it, it makes the deal sweeter; but I watched the whole movie expecting to see Megan Fox’s naked breast, and they don’t even let us see her naked ass. What is the purpose of using a hot chick with no acting talent, without letting her expose her boobs? Anyways, the 'real teen talk' script in the movie was pretty fun to watch.

Angels & Demons – 8.0
As a thriller/action movie, this movie IS entertaining especially with the help of its interesting storyline and set pieces, but something felt very weird. I don't know how to explain this, but this movie really felt like it was made according to textbooks on how to make a Hollywood movie. Of course I enjoyed watching it, but something felt missing. I don't know, I'm not a professional movie reviewer. Too bad.

Duplicity – 7.7
A fun action/comedy/thriller that has a very surprising ending. Other than that, this one is pretty mediocre.

Racheal Getting Married – 7.5
The way they took this movie is just perfect, painting a very realistic background of a normal family with a not so normal family problems. Anna Hathaway's relaxed approach to her character in this movie a refreshing one from the once a prisoner of Disney's princesses image. Great drama.

Gamer – 6.0
There premise of the game is just another excuse to show things get blown off, people get shot and die horrible deaths, and other awesome stuff you’d expect from an action movie. The imagery might attract action movie fans, but this movie has no heart, no content, and nothing original. It only has gritty over the top violence, and bare boobs.

Paranormal Activity – 6.0
I love horror/scary movies and when I heard that Paranormal Activity was quite good; I got my hopes up only to get it crushed. Blair Witch Project is a scary and creepy movie, this one is not.

Bruno – 6.0
I love the Ali G Show. When the Borat movie was out, I can’t believe how freaking hilarious it was; it was something so new in the movie world. Then the third character from Sacha Baron Cohen, Bruno the Austrian gay fashion fantasista, were made into a movie, and I watch with much anticipation to get my funny tummy blown away, just to be extremely disappointed. The gay jokes were not funny anymore, and Sacha Baron Cohen seems so desperate for humour. Borat 2 please!

9 – 6.5
9 has an original artwork and feel, but the character designs were too 'distant' to strike any connection with the viewer thus making it hard to care for the characters and their story. Too bad.

I Love You Man – 7.0
A pretty different, and humorous take on 'brotherly' love between two straight guys. The movie is funny all the way through, but not very much memorable or special. Perfect for a lazy night watching.

I Love You Beth Cooper – 5.0
Just another mediocre teen movie. Don’t bother at all.

The Final Destination – 5.0
I loved the Final Destination series because it provided the much needed coolness and justification for all the terrible deaths that we all enjoyed watching; but their latest effort proves that there is no more milk left in this horror/gore mammary. Just like the SAW series.


  1. Thanks! Another informative movie review post. Geh, more movies added to my must-watch list.

    G.I. Joe: Are you serious? I did want to watch it anyway, but I was prepared to turn off my brain. (Also, I think Sienna Miller is so pretty in that movie)

    District 9: Isn't the movie awesome??? It was amazing how after the movie, I realized that I've been thinking the aliens were real and that South Africa really had a mothership suspended over it. It was so immersive.

    Oppai Volleyball: Hahahahahahaha the name of this movie is just wrong.

    500 Days of Summer: I loved this movie. Especially for the key idea (on love and relationships) that they brought forth in the movie.

    Paranormal Activity: Really? I really liked it, and way more than Blair Witch. (I fell asleep watching Blair Witch)

    The Cove: I haven't seen the movie, but er yea, [those] Japanese fishermen are assholes ... and someone needs to harpoon their asses.

  2. yeah i really had fun watching GIJOE. the action scenes were so ridiculous and crazy, in a good way.

    district 9 was pretty realistic for a sci fi movie. love the 'documentary stlye' of the movie.

    oppai volleyball is quite a cute movie; and based on a true story too. haruka ayase sweetens the deal.

    i felt asleep watching paranormal activity. i'm a horror movie fan, and i guess i'm quite strict when it comes to judging a scary movie.

    watching the cove was a real eye opener for me. now i tried to help the cause by recommending my japanese friends to watch it.


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