Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Fuss About The Word Allah In Malaysia

When I first heard about this issue concerning Herald the Malaysian Catholic Weekly, demanding the rights to keep using the word ‘ALLAH’ to refer to their godly deity in their weekly publications, I knew that this will not end very well.

It will be problematic. Very problematic.

Non-Malaysians who have learned a thing or two about the basic history of Ancient Egyptian Empire-inspired religions like the Abrahamic ones would probably say:

“Why would this be a problem? The word ‘Allah’ has been used to refer to a godly deity among the Arabic language speaking people from various religious backgrounds, even before any of the Abrahamic religions ever started! Arab traders travel all around the world, and besides goods, they also trade language, expanding the vocabulary of many other languages where they made business.”

Unfortunately, things are not so simple; it will never be.

In Malaysia, religious blindness has always been a convenient tool for politicians.

The truth is that although Malay Muslims could be considered as quite religious and passionate towards their faith, it is a great irony that the same people are mostly NOT very well informed with their own religion.

The basic principles, its history and how it all started.

Opportunistic politicians know this very well.

People are not interested in meticulous facts about history, about who is right or wrong.

People just want to ‘appear’ to look like they are fighting for something great.

People want to vent anger and stress, pat themselves on the back, feeling good with the illusion that they're doing something good for their god.

Yes, this is problematic.

Because people don't know what they really want.

And people are too lazy to think for themselves.

They need opportunistic politicians to think for them.

When there are no trustworthy politicians in Malaysia…

Yes, this is problematic.

Clearly we need to revise our education policy.


  1. revision of our education?be realistic man.if one can think theirselves,it is hard for both ruling party n opposition party to manipulate their mind?why on earth they want that?the easiest operandi is to make "them" atas pagar.with the right issue,politican can have their vote.

    in a full capitalist country like USA,the most important think,is not who you vote,but you go voting.if i am free,i really love to write abt our case i dont suggest not to go voting.
    but anyway,there is a lot of issue in our education system,but since we dont like debate programm in tv,not everyone has oppinion.just let the ruling party do the job.
    i think school uniform is not good in a way as it promotes non individualistic,this will make them to not to have identity,prone to subculture,n have less interest in career.

  2. to be clear though, the 'we need to revise our education policy' part was my attempt at being sarcastic.

    people are too stupid that we need to revise our education policy -> this is the translation of my sarcastic remarks... but i guess no one gets that.

    anyways, your other points was all out of focus and i won't trouble myself responding to something not worth responding to.

  3. i abst know that u were being was i.i always write sumting out of topic..esxuse my fault..


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