Sunday, February 21, 2010

generic weekends

it was just another generic weekend.

on friday, me and some of my same year (同期) co-workers went to GYUKAKU (牛角), a pretty big yakiniku chain. the place was ok and the food was great.

on the way to GYUKAKU, the girls acted pretty wild in the car, like on some candy drugs or somewhat, it was pretty funny and 'young' thing though.

they're definitely better in releasing stress than me. i only care about 近状迷惑 (neighborhood disturbance).

arrived at 8:30 pm and left at around 1:00am; time do fly fast.

saturday morning i woke up very late. got a hard boner. thankfully i'm pretty healthy.

i did nothing at all that day.

stayed home watching movies and reading some stuff about human evolution, which was pretty interesting. now i'm thinking about buying more books about evolution.

sunday was a lazy one too.

decided to cook for the first time since moved to toyota.

my first dish is a simple tomyumkun.

it was not so bad.

then i went out to Toyota Stadium with my dusty Nikon D90 to shoot some shit.

pretty good place to practice photography.

then got back home, and decided to use the leftover shrimp and cuttlefish to made fried rice.

not so bad.

then i filled the bathtub with hot water and put some relaxing herb in.

it was a great bath; i felt warm to the bones.

now i got to go to sleep because tomorrow's monday.

this IS a generic weekend.

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