Thursday, March 11, 2010

before throwing myself onto the futon in exhaustion

just got out of the ofuro.

today i used the lavander scent to put some variety on my ofuro routine.

felt like my souls have been lifted one inch from my head.

just enough for me to know that i'm still in the world of reality.

bones were floating and i breathe floras from Hokkaido.

* * *

tahniah to my little sister Amirah.

you earned that 9A's in SPM.

you said that you were able to achieve this thanks to prayers from me and other family members.

well, you are wrong.

you did it yourself; with the help of your teachers and study friends.

congratulations again.

pursue that medical career that you always dreamt about.

* * *

today was probably the hardest day at work.

and also the most that i learned from this career.

i learned to have more confidence in a decision that was based on findings from my own work of investigation and experiments.

i learned how to prepare defenses against attacks from smart customers.

although i lost this one battle, i gained something else.

something else that might be better.

i'm starting to love tough customers who knows what they're talking about.

bring it on!

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