Monday, July 19, 2010

first look at the iPhone 4

I now have an iPhone 4.

It has just been one and a half day since I got hold of it, and already I'm trying to write a review about it.

To summarize: Apple’s iPhone 4 is the best smart phone available in Japan, at least during writing, but it is far from perfect.

Moving from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4.

The Softbank dude said that I could transfer all of my iPhone 3G contents easily with iTunes.

Well, like every piece of new technology, even the things that you expect to be simple is going to be difficult and confusing.

Although I consider myself a techie, I found no solution on how to correctly transfer my iPhone 3G data to the new phone. The iTunes has been giving all sort of errors, and after various methods of problem solving failed, I decided to give up, and start fresh.

Sadly, starting fresh is the best solution for a headache-free experience.

After getting this small hiccup out of the way, I started to realize that I now own a device with a lot of potential to it. I started to like it.

The retina display.

The new glass display is absolutely gorgeous, with almost no pixelation at all.

Images appear sharp, colors brilliant, and the touch sensitivity has been improved to lessen miss-selection of digital buttons and cut time to get thing done faster.

Apple has truly made a beautiful display, and I like it a lot. Pictures look better on my iPhone 4 than on my Benq computer display; no exaggeration at all.

The improved camera.

I am very impressed with the new camera; focus and exposure is selected by touching at the spot you want the camera to meter exposure on, and it is as simple as that.

New 5 megapixel main camera with LED light ( surprisingly helpful and very useful ) plus a VGA front camera makes the deal sweet.

This might sound naïve to some, but the new photographic opportunities that the new camera and imaging sensors the iPhone 4 brings is the feature that I found most exciting, and I could see myself taking more pictures using my iPhone 4 than my Nikon D90 from now on.

Don’t worry Nikon D90, you’re still my main camera, but the iPhone 4 fits into my pocket, closer to my penis; meaning I cannot avoid from using it for simple, daily photography.

Always remember this oh my dear D90; I can never get enough of your long, big lens and how good it feels when I grip your body hard while I play with your rigid focus ring and all those perky buttons on your chest.


The new camera takes pictures with decent enough quality, even during low light. The ability to take HD videos on the phone is HUGE, and I look forward to learn more about photography and video with this new gadget.

The iPhone 4 is fast.

The iPhone 4 is fast compared to other smart phones on the market right now, and I could see it go faster with software updates. I look forward for apps that make full use of this additional processing power.

The flaws are true.

The new antenna for the iPhone 4 has problems, and I could easily drop the signal bars by gripping the lower side of the antenna. That is why I bought a cheap 980 yen Elecom silicon case. Problems solved.

In the end, all I could say is that the iPhone 4 is worth the upgrade (it’s free in Japan if you agree with a 2 years contract), and I could see myself being very productive with the new HD video-capable 5 megapixel camera.

Great phone, Apple, but could you fix the always buggy iTunes?



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