Sunday, May 07, 2017

Movie Review for April 2017

I used to watch movies every week and post reviews and personal opinions about it and as boring this may sound, time is indeed a luxury. I watch fewer movies nowadays and apparently have stopped posting movie reviews all together. Well, until today, hopefully.

Live By Night – 6.5
Gone Girl, The Town and Argo are all directed by Ben Affleck and I love them all. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about his 4th movie Live By Night. The great action sequences and highly detailed recreation of 1926 Boston is absolutely amazing; the visuals of this movie is top notch but it was such a waste when he “failed” to introduce an interesting character and story. Definitely not a bad movie; people who loves American gangster movies might like this but as a movie from Ben Affleck, I expect it to have interesting characters and story. That’s how much I loved Ben Affleck’s previous creations. Very disappointed but still looking forward to his next one!

The Founder – 8.5
This is a movie about the founders of the McDonalds Franchise. Interesting story coupled with an amazing performance by Micheal Keaton makes this movie one entertaining watch. Highly recommended movie but I think the Ray Kroc is a bully. Interesting and inspiring visionary businessmen, yes, but still. What an opportunistic bully.

Hacksaw Ridge – 8.0
Can Hacksaw Ridge (directed by Mel Gibson) stand shoulder to shoulder with Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Letters from Iwojima, Flags of Our Fathers and other great WW2 movies? Definitely yes. Andrew Garfield proved that he is one of the few young actors out there that can lead a movie on his own. Really emotional and powerful performance. I think this is Mel Gibson’s best movie yet, but I might be bias because I love WW2 movies in general. Highly recommended.

Jackie – 7.0
Natalie Portman was amazing as Jacqueline Kennedy. Probably her best performance after Leon The Professional (?). There was little story to tell but Portman’s believable performance and charisma alone nailed me to my seat, wanting to see more of the grieving First Lady’s internal and external struggle to cope with such shock of suddenly losing everything. Recommended.

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