Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tokyo Game Show 2005

I went to Chiba Prefecture yesterday for the second biggest game show on the world: TOKYO GAME SHOW. These big, huge shows was like a wet dream come true for gamers alike. The show was held for three days, 16th of Sept for the press and 17th & 18th were open for the public.

The main focus on the show was no doubt about the next generation consoles: PS3, XBOX360 and the NINTENDO REVOLUTION. Seeing the preview trailer for the latest installment in the best gaming series ever, METAL GEAR SOLID, METAL GEAR SOLID 4: GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS, i was just speechless and i was like " PS3's CELL PROSSESSOR is way much sexier than Kate Hudson wrapped only in a malaysian flag!!". it was soo freaking awesome! fuck 'pramugari melampau' give me solid snake action please! i saw the trailer in the special konami theater that only lucky fews were able to see it on the big screen. that was like the best thing that had ever happened to me since one of my jap classmates, who i think is 90% gay, told me that i'm handsome, and cute if i don't wear my glasses. and of course microsoft don't want to lose to sony, and their XBOX360 booth were cool too, but i noticed that they're using too many flesh-baring booth girl, and compared to other booth girls, i personally think that they're hotter, but not even comparable to CELL PROSSESSOR's prosessing power, should i remind you.

i also had the opportunity to see the man behind the best game series ever: metal gear, talks about metal gear subsistance and the game that i'm looking foward to, very, very much: metal gear solid 4. hideo kojima, is by far, the coolest people in the gaming business. rock on!

and because this is in fact happening in japan, a cosplay show was inevitable. man these people are really like devoted to their anime/game characters! lots of weird people in weird costumes. and a fraction of 'em are undoubtly quite, hmm... i don't know, how do you said it... hot? yeah but majority of them looked like morons to me but it's fun to watch.

ok after the tiring show, i returned home realizing that i have only like 48hours to study for my semester exam, and look at me writing in this time-wasting blog! and yeah i'll surely post pictures, but now i'm just too busy so i'll post 'em hot pictures later! peace out!

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