Friday, April 07, 2006

i'm so damn lazy !!

damn, i'm soo damn fucking lazy damn it !! hahaa i've already used the world famous english word 'damn' 4 fucking times, and 'fucking' 2 fucking times!! what the hell is wrong with me? aahh i don't have time nowadays to wrote anything anymore. i'm not buzy, i'm just too damn lazy, shit there i go again, i should watch my words. i can easily hit the delete button but why the fuck should i censor myself on the net, on my OWN blog?

sometimes i just sit there on my bed thinking about nothing. sometimes i feel soo lonely i want to hug someone. i don't know why, i never felt like this before. maybe it's just me getting older and being alone is no fun anymore? i used to enjoy being alone a lot, now i hunger for human contact everytime. even a simple and short email from a lesbian girl from zorpia forum telling me to kill myself because i'm such a fucking homophobic makes me happy.

school starts tomorrow. i'm a 5th year student now but i still feel like a freshie. i can't believe it. got to move on. got to keep my shit together if i want to stay and go through this. i've got to prepare for the university entrance exam(s), and i only got 2-3 months to do that. can i do it? 4 months after this you'll know the answer. sleep tight tonight, for from tomorrow until the next 4 months, it's going to be tough. good luck taufiq ali. damn i have a cool name!


  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    hey r u a gay?

  2. no, thank god i'm not gay. why, you're searching for a new gay partner?

  3. ahahhahahahah....ko gay!! ahahhahahahah!! lawak, lawak, lawak, lawak!


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