Saturday, June 03, 2006

i love sushi

yeah i love sushi, very, very much. there's really something special (to other people, disgusting) about eating raw fish with rice. when i first came to japan, and had my first maguro sushi, i felt very sick and dizzy the very second i put it in my mouth. now i go out to eat sushi at least once a week. if i don't get my weekly dose of sushi, i would turn into a zombie and eat my japanese sex education teacher's brain. but when i DO get my much needed drug that is a good sushi meal, i usually eat 8 to 12 plates of them every outing. anything less than that, it would mean the end of the world and GEORGE W. BUSH would NOT be a faggot son of a bitch.

when i eat sushi, i have my own set of rules; especially at kaiten sushi restaurants. first, when i sit down at my table, i would order a bowl of hot asari miso shiru and then make myself (and my friends) a cup of hot green tea. next, i would look left and right to see wether there are hot japanese chicks wearing clothing that bears their under-aged cleavage that i can ogle at (of course i'm just kidding), put the shoyu (soy souce) on the shoyu plate and add in one (more and i'll destroy my nosetrill) packet of crushed wasabi and stir it up nicely so that it spreads and cover the whole shoyu area on the small shoyu plate. if there's small children or babies sitting on the table in front of mine, i would make seriously embarassing funny faces when we made eye contact, and desperately try to look away as fast as i could when their mothers looks at my way, trying to figure out why her child is laughing OR looked scared to death like she/he had saw a foreign ghost. then i take a deep breath while looking at the sushis moving up and down the conveyor belt until i found my must-eat-first-when-eating-sushi fish: SABA. ONLY after i had my SABA can i pick up other type of sushis and start to eat them all up like a savage animal. maguro, aji, salmon, sarada, anago you name it, if it's halal i'll eat it! (hey my original catch phrase!)

when i ate enough and my belly starts to show signs of blowing up in a big bang fashion, i put my chopstick down and look at what's left to eat on my table, take a deep breath, wipe my sweat dripping from my forehead, clean my drool and finish them sushis all up. my junior high school religious teacher said that wasting food is devilish and i don't want to be doing what the devils are doing; well except for playing very violent video games where you could blow people's head off; or drool on georgeos women that's totally out of my league and way older than me with little clothes to cover their sinfull but curvaceous body.

after all of that, i always finish the meal with a pudding desert (strawberry is my fav). i don't know why, pudding tastes really good after a BIG sushi meal. and that sums up my typical weekly sushi night. some people say that the japanese are crazy for eating raw fish. i say i don't give a shit 'coz i ain't giving up on this addiction! it's like crack, only it's good for your health; and i still wonder why belly size won't come down.... damn i should start dieting or something if i don't want to end up like that malaysian actress who got to be on TV just because she's FAT. what's her name? shani? i don't know. and lastly, something off topic to finish my convoluted post tonight: i only got 1 month until the university entrance exams! yikes i'm soo scared !!!

note: even though i took these pictures using my mobile phone, it looks great right? improved in your photography skills you have, my apprentice.

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