Sunday, July 30, 2006


i own a fotopages account that i haven't even TRY to figure out let alone actually troubling my self to use the service for ages now and finally, i was soo bored so i edited some photos that i took (29/07/2006) during the UEDA WASSHOI (上田わっしょい - Nagano's biggest parade-like summer festival) in which i went with other 4 members of the communication club (p-ye, baars, take-p and hitomi chan) and actually joined the parade, dancing for more than 3 hours like an idiot but it's fun; and posted my first entry on the site. i didn't know that photoblogging is this cool !? i should've done this a long time ago. check it out: click HERE !

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*checking out my photo collection, trying to find something else to post in fotopages

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