Thursday, September 21, 2006

yay its EXAM !!!

I know its exam when I woke up in the morning feeling dizzy and there’s this sickening taste in my throat, I feel like puking on my books because I didn’t sleep well last night, studying like hell and I know its exam when the air stinks and the clouds look like the middle finger and the birds don’t chirp anymore. Everyone looks like a fucking zombie and I started not giving a shit about anyone. Even if Nagasawa Masami, Manabe Kaori and Abe Natsumi; all three of them, were naked in my bed, touching themselves and asked me to join them, I would not even respond. It’s because of exam. Exam killed my orgy party, so exam is evil. Well, I probably would finger-fuck them all but only for a minute or two, then I have to go back to my studies.

Actually today is the second day of my semester exam. So far, so good. got 1 more day for this week and another 3 for the week after. Almost every time during examination period, i wrote shitty things about my performance but strangely, i think I’m doing pretty well this time. At least for now, and that's a good thing !

So because i haven't fucked up any of my precious papers, i have decided. I’m going to tokyo game show 2006 this 23rd September, and that's 2 days from today !!! woot i can't wait to try out the ps3. ps3 games rock! DMC4, Virtua Fighter, Metal Gear, Tekken, Heavenly Sword and a whole lot more. I will try to get my hands on every game but that’s just humanly impossible so I’m going to focus on Devil May Cry, Virtua Fighter, Heavenly Sword, Metal Gear Solid, Resistance Fall of Men, Warhawk, and Lair. There are other great Xbox360 games also that I’m surely going to check out like DoA Extreme, Lost Planet, Gears of War and Winning Eleven. Nintendo wii looks pretty awesome too but unfortunately it's unplayable at the show. I really want to see how the control on the new Zelda and Red Steel works. And that’s really the only games that I cared on the wii. Everything else looks pretty much gimmicky to me. And gay too.

Not to be forgotten: booth babes and cosplay ! just like last year, this year’s event are sure to attract cosplayers from all part of japan and I can’t visualize what kind of creepiness, cuteness, and strangeness I’m going to encounter; and I’m sure bringing along my new video camera ;). How much skin will the Microsoft booth babes show this year to attract Japanese gamers to their slowly dying xbox360? We’ll see.

I guess that’s enough for today. I’m going to sleep. Got to… get… energy… zzzz…. *put*put*put* oops sorry.

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