Thursday, November 09, 2006

nak balik ke tak nak ah?

arr i'm still undecided whether to go back to malaysia this winter holiday or not. i'm only be able to stay in malaysia for a mere 18 days because winter holiday is very short here in nagano kousen. the ticket home and back would probably cost me around 70000 yen *including tax (that is not cheap but still a lot more cheaper than during the summer holidays). there are advantages and also annoying disadvantages in every choice that i'm going to make concerning this.

if i DO choose to go back, the advantages would be 1) i can go back duuh ! but this is kind of a big thing because i haven't gone back this whole year, and i ALWAYS go back at least once a year. 2) i can get myself a modded ps2 and maybe if i'm lucky enough, even a XBOX360 woot! and i can also go to a much cheaper jeans shop to repair my many unfit-to-wear jeans.

* arr in 10 minutes they are going to cut the internet connection. i'll continue tomorrow.

so what's the disadvantages of going home? actually there is none but i'll make it up anyways: 1) money, money, money. the total cost for transportation is going to be around 70000yen. and every time i went back home, i MUST spend at least 90000 yen; buying gifts, eating a LOT of different kinds of food then regretting the aftermath ( that is having a rather large and disturbing belly ) and just throwing away money to the poor. that would sum up to be a huge loss of my precious rakyat money ! but i can always restrain myself from spending too much, right? just buy the modded xbox360 and forget about the rest ok?! 2) i would miss this year's new year celebration at yuusei's house. i heard that his father ( a man that doesn't speak to much ) are going to actually take out the spider-web raped omochi tools and make omochi this year surrounded by 3 meters high wall of snow !! that would be fun and i also want to meet his friendly mom and two sisters ! but if i go back, i could celebrate hari raya haji in the warm bright sun of malaysia and see again how gory it is for us human to slaughter an animal so that we could fill our stomach with nice delicacies. so i guess this is not a disadvantage. like i said before, there is NO disadvantage in going back home for a short holiday. the only thing that bugs me is that the holidays is too short, compared to summer holiday.

arr stop complaining already and go home! i've already contacted my travel agency and currently i'm waiting for their reply. i hope there are seats for me, i think i'm going to be quite OK because i book early. now the only thing i should do now is to do a little bit more research about hacked and modded xbox 360, and then study a little bit for the coming mid-semester exam. oh yeah i know how to spend the malaysian people's money quite efficiently !

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