Tuesday, February 20, 2007

rosnah mat aris running her mouth

yeah i know, just like rosnah mat aris herself, this is very old stuff but unfortunately i've not been updated with the current news from malaysia, and from now on i would like (i should) to spend some time reading news from and about malaysia.

for those who still didn't know what this is all about, look at this clip from youtube. so, this veteran malaysian comedian made a comparison about her and her younger gigolo lover or what ever she calls him with Muhammad Rasulullah S.A.W and his first wife Khadijah. being a comedian, i knew she tried to fuse humor in a serious conversation but unfortunately, calling the first wife of the prophet of a great holy religion '(tua) dah nak mampos' is not quite funny to the malaysian muslim community. rosnah mat aris, you're a dumb old fart. she knew it was a live-telecast show but still she is too fucked up in the head and just open her loud mouth just like she opened her old stinking saggy vagina to her young lover.

the thought of her thinking that she could compare someone as low and as disgusting as herself to the one of the greatest role model for women in the muslim world is just absurd and out of this world. ok. i think i should stop my rant here. after the huge complaint that tv3 (the tv station that aired the show in 30th January 2007) had received just after the airing of the sensasi tv show, she apologized that she fucked up. and i hope she would think first before saying something, especially about islam because obviously she needs to stop fucking with young male prostitutes and learn the basic of the islamic teachings. i'm not saying that i'm so alim that i could say these things to her but let's get real, ok, do you think her appearance in the tv show, is the appearance of a modest muslim who at least knew the basic of proper clothing?

enough with rosnah mat aris, she's a whore now so let's pray that she and also i, myself, would be a better person. what i really want to talk is about the laughter after rosnah said 'dah nak mampos'. yes, the audience and most importantly, the m.c. LAUGHED when rosnah said those words, like it's a confirmation of her words. like it's ok to insult the wife of Allah's great prophet thus the prophet himself. i felt sick with these people. i'm ok with freedom speech but insult is not a part of it. i really feel that the muslim community in malaysia deserves an official apology from tv3 and the female mc of the show. she did the same harm by supporting the insult that rosnah had done. or maybe worse.

it's good to see that the malaysian television scene has evolved a lot lately and people were experimenting with the new grounds and space that were given but still, malaysian should retain the values of what we were made of. of modesty, religious freedom and racial harmony, and some other fluffy stuff my poor english vocabulary store doesn't have. damn that sounded so cheezy but you know it's true.


  1. how come i never heard of the show but u did? that rosnah fella is she from she from somewhere else? i wonder who is her boyfriend afterall. how pathetic.

  2. yeah, how come you've never heard of the news? i wonder. well, she did officially apologized but you know these things can't be settled by just a simple apology. hang her on a stake hahahaa.... that was just a joke ok?


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