Monday, March 26, 2007

writing from tokyo pt2

today i went off to akihabara again to hunt for some weirdness. i did a lot of sight seeing until i got bored, so i went to shinjuku to put my luggage in a luggage storage rental facility. then i went to karachi, a pakistani restaurant and was a bit delighted to see that i'm their first costumer for their buffet lunch time. ate a lot of pakistani curries. delicious and cheap. what a fantastic combination; but my enjoyment was interrupted a little bit when the owner scolded the girl waitress in loud, not-understandable hindi language. damn, that poor girl must have fucked up so bad to make the restaurant owner so fucking mad.

whatever. got on the 1745 hours bus to nagano and arrived at my room at about 2200 hours. it was tiring but i'm satisfied because i did what i wanted to do and it was fun. pictures will follow soon.

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