Sunday, March 25, 2007

writing from tokyo

i'm in tokyo right now, at rehet's place. i've been staying in his place for 2 nights now but tonight i'm going to be staying in a cheap hostel in asakusa or maybe in my senpai's house at shinagawa. i spent most of my first day at akihabara, just sightseeing.

played against a japanese gamer on virtua fighter 5.... and i lost. every fucking game. and it was just a little boy! after getting my gamer pride crushed, broken and burned by a little japanese boy, i went to a manga cafe for healing time. then i was back on my feet again. there are some things that i wanted to buy there but i decided to do it on the last day because i don't want to carry them all around. second day i spent going to asakusa. i always wanted to go there but i just didn't have the time. there were too many people that day but it's fun. the kaminarimon is HUGE! bought some souvenirs. then i went to harajuku and bought a cool japanese themed jacket. i also met the softbank's famous 予想GUY (yosou guy) there and we talked for 5 minutes and took pictures. i didn't know that he was THAT nice and friendly!
then i walked from the harajuku station to omotesando. i took me 30 minutes or more because i was walking in a very slow pace, sightseeing the shops on the street. from omotesando, i went to shibuya and bought a pair of jeans with dragon designs on the back at jeans mate. i don't know if i want to wear it myself or use it as a present. feeling tired, i went to starbucks, THE starbucks overlooking the most busiest crossroad in the world that is located just in front of the shibuya station. had to wait for 30 minutes to get a seat but seeing that many people (there must be thousands of them) crossing roads at the same time is fun. they really looked like little ants in a hurry.

but i don't understand why the american girls sitting beside me with her friends couldn't stop using the word 'fuck' every time she LOUDLY speaks and giggles. they were just talking about regular stuff like how bad the wasabi tastes and how cute this one shoe is at this one shop right across the street.... is listening to a conversation of a group of foul mouthed american girls wrong?

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