Sunday, April 08, 2007

blogger indon buat menteri mesia bengang ?!

dah buat kerja tak mantap, memang la kena kutuk. bukan nya nak ambik pengajaran, tapi gi marah2 pastu tercakap statement bodoh mcam "80% bloggers yg menganggur tu pompoan".

eh tapi jgn potong biasiswa saya pula ya? hidup kerajaan malaysia yg sentiasa betul dan tak penah buat salah! menteri2 malaysia pon hensem2 dan kaya raya, sebab tu bole simpan ramai gundik.

ish aku rasa post aku hari ni memang aku akan delete dalam beberapa hari akan datang. anyways, a video talking about malaysian government banning blog:


  1. omg. john c dvorak mentioned malaysia! bangga. haha. but its a shame that the issue was totally exaggerated. its not like our government want to ban blog totally. as for those ministers, spare them because they are too old already, computer is totally not their cup of tea.

  2. yeah never 100% trust everything you read. the government was only 'discussing' about whether or not to obligate people to register their blog so that it could be traced back to them.

    exaggeration put aside, it's just stupid if the government really wants to do it, and it makes it harder for malaysia to be the central hub of information technology for south east asia.


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