Wednesday, April 25, 2007

busy is the new word

oh i've been very busy lately, now that every class is warmed up and started to gain momentum, every professor is trying to shove every bit of work and assignments down our poor throats and and sometimes it makes me feel like i need to work faster and more efficiently to cope with this drastic change in my life style.

although i AM a bit busy now, it's ok because at least i have a direct purpose in life, for now. i just hope i'm holding on tight enough to not be washed away by these waves of challenges. doing mechanical engineering in japanese is not THAT easy, i recently realized.

aa what ever. below are some pictures of KOBAYASAHI MAO (
小林麻央), the lovely japanese newscaster/gravure idol/ actress; i just like her sexy voice. なんか声がエロイなぁ。。綺麗なお姉さんが大好きです!


  1. cAnAz9:50 PM

    aaaaa わかる!!!suara dia mmg sgt エロイ..sgt suka suara dia..hehe

  2. でしょう? memang eroi! aku memang suka suara mcam tu huihuhuhu


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