Thursday, March 29, 2007

from nagano to akita pt2

wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. the sun in nagano were shining bright like it's trying to tell everyone that it's going to be a good day today.

after taking a nice warm bath, i put on my clothes and went downstairs to the jimusho to thank the jimu ojisan and the always smiling jimu obasan for their kindness and enthusiasm to help me all these years. jimu obasan gave me an ofuro towel to be used to scrub my back when i took a shower. it had frog illustrations on it.

at around 2p.m., i collected my bags and before i walk out of the yufuryo dormitory, i asked my kohai haiman to took a picture of me with the jimu ojisan whose name is still a mystery to me. i'm just horrible.

in the middle of going to the train station, i realized that i'm not going to make it in time so i sped up my way to the ticket counter, bought a 1110 yen ticket and barely boarded the train that took off seconds after i step my foot in it.

the train officer woke me up when i arrived at the last stop: naoetsu. then i joint zarul and he drove me to akita. arrived late at night.

tired and have to go and get some good night's sleep.

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