Sunday, April 15, 2007


yui has just released her 2nd album! yay! just like her first album, from me to you, yui takes the name of her favorite the beatles song to be the title of her new album: can't buy me love.

different from her 1st album which is pretty ballad-heavy, this time around it seems like yui is going the 'more pop-rock' way and i think this direction would eventually provides a good variety to her music. she really sounds more matured and fans should feel relieved to know that this is the work of a new, improved yui.

each song in this album is good. yeah i know this is coming from a fanboy but you really have to trust me and try to listen to this album. although it's the more rockish yui, each song retains her trademark of strong, powerful melody, melodramatic lyrics and cute angelic voice. angelic voice? shit that's so cheezy.

anyways, if i were to pick my (3) favorite songs from this album, it would be 1# how crazy #5 che.r.r.y #11 good-bye days. in her previous album, she wrote about the feeling of uncertainty growing up and venturing into new places. this time, her songs is more about coming to realize that she's all grown up now and remembering herself to get a grip and push through each challenge with high fighting spirit. high fighting spirit? damn i must have seen too much cheezy teen movies made by disney.

finally, there is no way you are going to NOT enjoy this album. but i personally like her first album more, just because i think the lyrics is more interesting. musically, both album is on par with each other. this is a fun album, be cool and go out to BUY THIS ALBUM NOW!

if you can't buy because you're living in an area where they don't sell j-pop music and adult toys, errr.... just ask captain jack sparrow for this album. my personal rating: 5/5.

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