Tuesday, September 25, 2007

my pc-gaming progression

I got so many games in my computer right now; I really don’t know which one to play. I’m trying to finish and play all these games but time is not always on my side. This is a simple post about my current gaming progressions. And not counting the xbox games.

Tomb Raider Anniversary - right now on second level. The game is fun, just like Legends. Lara Croft is awesome!

Full Spectrum Warrior Ten Hammers - I think I’m almost at the end. Very hard game but it’s just too cool to resist.

Need For Speed Carbon – 60% completion. Nice cars, a lot of race modes, simply fun. And oh not forgetting the cheesy FMVs. (Full motion video).

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 – the best soccer game out there. No end to this great game. Enough said.

Elder Scrolls Oblivion – Finished the main quest a long time ago and now trying to finish all the faction and guild quests; including the Shivering Isles expansion pack quests. HUGE game.

Bioshock – I’m not sure but I think I’m like 30% finished. This game is awesome. Might be the best FPS for 2007. Great storylines, nice pacing, awesome battles using plasmids and modified weaponry! Big Dadies and Little Sisters !!!

Company of Heroes – Almost finished. Cool RTS with new gameplay mechanics. No more chopping wood and harvesting gold for resources! Difficulty is really hard at first but when you GET it, it’s a BLAST.

Resident Evil 4 – Finished the main quest. Now playing the Separate Ways and Ada Missions. Good game, but I think this game is kinda over-rated. Not scary at all! Can’t wait for RE5 on the 360!

Overlord – Very early into the game. Just got my first fire minions. Wicked british comedy and the ability to control crazy minions is what so fun about this game.

Colin McRae DiRT – 45% completed. This game is gorgeous! Man I love rally! The best rally game I’ve ever played.

Geometry Wars – Kinda cool, but freaking hard! Never going to finish this one.

Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars – Almost finished playing the GDI campaign. I was quite surprised at how ‘samey’ the gameplay feels with past C&Cs.

Unreal Tournament 2004 – Crazy FPS fun! I will never give up playing this. Well, maybe after Unreal Tournament 3 comes out, that is.

Fifa 08 – I just played like 2-3 matches. Not so bad. PES6 is still better though.

Madden 08 – Err… I don’t understand American Rugby (yeah I won’t call it football!) but the game is quite fun, surprisingly. American Rugby hahaha.

Valve Games – Finished Half Life 2, HL2 Episode One, SiN. Can’t wait for Orange Box that contains HL2 Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 (!!!) and Portal. The Half Life series never disappoints me.

World in Conflict – Just finished mission no. 4. New way to play an action RTS. Unlike other RTS, this game is always giving you non stop action to deal with. Surprisingly easy though. Cool explosions!

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas – Finished the single player campaign, a couple of time. Such an awesome FPS. The cover mechanic is revolutionary! Makes me want every other FPS in the future to incorporate this system!

STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl – Finished the game with a bad ending. Innovative and ambitious sand-box FPS. Quite scary too.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Had this game installed a LONG time ago but I just can’t past a couple of HARD missions. Still a good game though. I’m considering using cheats to advance into the game. Damn, I hate to use cheats, but I just have to finish this game! Can’t wait for GTAIV for the 360 !

Sam & Max Season 1 – Just started playing. Funny adventure game! Point and click still lives on!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

is it not nice?

is it not nice to reject one's friend request (from friendster or other social networking sites) just because she's not attractive to you? is it THAT terrible? i mean i don't know them. they don't send me any message introducing themselves. in fact, i feel that it is kinda rude to just send a friend request to someone you don't know without first introducing yourself beforehand.

is it shallow thinking? is it shallow to think that you don't want to have any association or link with this girl that you know nothing about just because she's not so attractive to you?

but was man not entitled to the freedom to choose the healthiest from the pack? i know their intentions were friendly and nothing more than that, but i just don't like an empty-shelled relationship. i rather have only one friend that i know rather than millions that i don't know. simple as that.

anyways, tomorrow i'm going to attend this week-long seminar about history and technology. damn i HATE history ! i'm not sure if i want to sit on this seminar the whole way through.

and oh, my new digital dictionary has arrived! fast delivery from amazon.jp as always. the cool thing about this new dictionary is that now i can input difficult-to-read kanjis directly just by writing it on the panel using a stylus! i really hope that this new function could help me save a lot of time when searching for a kanji that i don't know about. thank you japan for new, cheap technology !

image: the sharp papyrus pw-lt300

Saturday, September 22, 2007

i'm afraid of the internet

it's ramadhan and every muslim around the world are trying to make best use of the time to harvest the special benefits we could get from the holy month. we don't want to associate ourselves with even the slightest brush of evil and sin; so that we can gain full rewards from fasting at the end of each day. simply put, this is the month in which i want to be as good as the best muslim could be, and refrain myself from all of the not-so-islamic things the world has to offer. you know. things like skinny and unhealthy looking, blond pan-asian models on g strings trying to promote a body spray for men.

but i have a problem.

i also like to use the internet.

and the internet is full of softcore porn. and skinny models in tight bikinis.

never in my entire life that i felt disgusted with the way advertisers use scantly clad women to gain attention from their future costumers. i mean, come on. why? why is the internet is full of porn? i went to youtube, i see porn. i went on the news site, i see porn. i went to an educational site, i see animal porn; what is all about this excessive amount of porn that were shoven onto our faces, every day?

the internet has really become an unfriendly territory for good muslims with good intentions. there for, for the sake of ramadhan, i'm going to take a break from the internet and go old school. i'm reading the news papers!

*goes downstairs to read the news paper.


my god, the news papers were also infected by PORN ! oh i forget. i'm reading a japanese news paper. you can't separate japan with porn. so i move on to read an english news paper. it's JAPAN TIMES. which is better because the amount of flesh bearing is at the minimum.

now i can relax. for now. and i don't want to talk about japanese tv programs. scary place for a muslim guy.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

this weekend

this weekend, i'm going to the tokyo game show 2007 held at makuhari messe in chiba! can't wait! this is going to be my third time!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

hari-hari awal ramadhan

hari ini hari ketiga ramadhan. dah rasa mcam dah biasa sket dengan perubahan rutin pemakanan yg drastik nih. time hari pertama tu, memang aku tak nafikan badan rasa pelik. tekak rasa mual. perut berkeroncong aje sepanjang masa. nasib baik dalam com aku ada game best. bioshock. best gila woo perut lapar pon jadi tak lapar bila main game nih.

skang pkl 5. margrib kat sini masuk pukul 5.51 p.m. awal gila kan waktu berbuka kat sini? pkl 5:30 nanti nak kena kumpul kat umah faiz. ada wat jamuan berbuka. aku memang tak tahu apa2. join aje la. nanti minggu depan, aku plak yg buat.

harap2 la puasa tahun ni pon berjalan lancar mcam tahun2 sebelum nya. amin.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

what do you wear in your room?

When you're alone in your room, and there is no one else with you, what do you usually wear? When I'm in my room, usually I wear simple t-shirts and half-cut baggy pants. That choice of clothing was fine until recently, I have decided to have only my boxers on when I’m alone in my room. Nothing else on me except my boxers.

Summer in Japan is hot so at first it was great because it really makes it cooler and cozier when you only have your boxers on. It even makes scratching a lot easier and effortless, which is a good thing in my book. I was having a good time with my colorful set of boxers until the third day aka this morning; I woke up having a horrible cold. Damn.

Anyways, tomorrow ramadhan starts, and I have decided to return to my normal clothing rules and wear something more appropriate.

i felt weird writing this.

Happy ramadhan to all muslims around the globe!

p/s: there is one more thing that I consider a minus with the only-wearing-boxer policy. It’s hot outside right, so I have to open the curtain and my glass sliding 'back walls' and that makes my room no different than a glass room to the outside world. Children playing at the playground could see me, politicians screaming manifestos on moving vans could see me from the street and even stay at home moms could see me from their 2 storey home window. Although I have learned that the more you practice, the faster you could adept to the weird feeling of being stared by strangers when you’re half naked; it’s still not something that I could recommend to a sane person.

Monday, September 10, 2007

i love udon + unagidon

nice! took the picture and video at a japanese eatery in shinagawa. cheap and delicious. LOVE IT.


Friday, September 07, 2007


today i'm going back to akita to continue my primitive life. it's friday so what better way to end this trip by praying jumaa at the biggest masjid in tokyo: the camii masjid. it was a beautiful turkish masjid located in shibuya. i've been to this masjid a couple of times but have never prayed jumma here. i was a bit surprised + amazed by how they deliver the khutbah; in three languages: first in japanese, then english and lastly in turkish. everyday in tokyo is a new experience, i guess.

after the prayer, i went to random places, ate random food and took random pictures; until it's time to take the bus to akita. it has been a busy one week trip, and it's definitely worth it. after this i can't really make any more trips because it's ramadhan in a couple of days from now. i got another 3 weeks of summer holiday and right now i really have no idea on how to spend it. maybe i should just focus on finishing all the unfinished video games in my computer and start to spend some time with my xbox 360. there were also tons of movies to watch. maybe that might be a good way to spend my holiday. or not.



The TV Set – 8.0

A rather simple movie about the workings of Hollywood tv-show-making-business. There was nothing impressive here but somehow the simple storylines helped to keep your interest to finish watching till the end.

Chaos – 8.5

Another cool movie starring Jason Statham. The movie starts with a good twist and ended with a nicely written climax. Watch this!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – 7.0

Boring movie. The cgi was nice though. Harry Potter should start a killing spree and confess his gayness; that would made a good harry potter movie.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


the plan was to go to yasukuni shrine today so i went to shinjuku because i know there is a street there called the yasukuni street. the average traveler would assume that the famous shrine would be close to the street, right? i was walking around and through that street trying to find the damn shrine when i met a canadian who was searching for the same shrine too. so i thought, why don't we be lost together? so i teamed up with him in search for the controversial shrine.

after feeling bored walking around without a clue, we asked this homeless guy sitting by a small shinto temple, for directions. unfortunately for us, not enough by being homeless, he was also intoxicated by alcohol. i don't really get what he is saying. because the homeless guy (he is quite nice though, offering us some rotten bread) can't help us, we asked someone else. this time its a korean girl who can speak broken japanese! and yeah. she can't help us neither.

somehow, by asking random people a couple of times, we got on board the train to kudanshita, heading to the right direction to yasukuni. it was a big shrine but by the time we got there, it's already closed and it started to rain. we took a couple of pictures and went back to the train station.

i don't know how, but when we were both busy with trying to get our train tickets in the midst of the crowds, somehow i lost sight of Max, the canadian guy. i searched and looked for him but in vain. so i decided, oh well let's just board the train. when my train started moving, i could see, on the other side of the platform, there he is, Max the canadian guy looking clueless because he can't speak japanese. he said to me that he is going to asakusa. if he did board the train from that platform, damn he is going to be so lost. well, good luck Max and i'm sorry for being such an inpatient guy.

right after arriving at shinjuku, i went to kinokuniya to check the latest gaming magazines there. for free. oh yeah free stuff feels good. then on my way back to the station, i stumbled upon a group of malaysians doing an event to promote malaysia, sponsored by tourism sabah. being a good malaysian citizen with a warm and friendly heart, i said hello. i got my face caricatured and i asked them to take the picture above. wow their costume sure is sparky!

the old man above, do you know who he is? he is the the member of a special unit to prevent illegal bicycle parking in the city of shinjuku. maybe the city mayor were thinking about how to help the retired community to get some money. so the solution is to give them jobs that are not needed and are easy to do. there were also other special jobs like the special unit to help schoolchildren cross the street. sweet.

shinjuku is full of colorful and weird shops just like the above two: a peep show house offering discounts to students (!!!) and donkihote, the multi-billion-worth-franchise of store selling just about anything that you could imagine. just look at how pact the store is! there is so much stuff in the store, and yes if you look closer at the center of the picture, you could see their famous product hanging on the shelf: boob pillows. nice.


The King of Kong – 7.0

A documentary about 2 adults competing with each other to be the world title holder for the retro game: dong king kong. Stupid game, not so stupid documentary.

The Condemned – 7.5

Simply put, this is a simplified, Hollywood version of the legendary Japanese movie: battle royale; and surprisingly, it was not so bad. Stone Cold Steve Austin was in it. What ever.

Paprika – 8.8

Another anime gem by acclaimed Japanese anime company: mad house. The story was quite complicated and demands multiple viewing to fully understand it fully but the experience watching this anime was just amazing. Pretty much a science fiction anime, the animation and the detail to perfection on every scene makes this a must watch for all anime lovers. i’d gave a better score if they had made the ending much more interesting though.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


today i went to ueno. this is the place if you want to go shopping. so shop i did. i bought a new spectacle and also a new pair of jogging shoes: nike free 7.0. this shoe is light as it is cool. great buy. after feeling tired of shopping, i went to this japanese restaurant and ordered the meal of the day: araisodon (first picture) for 980yen. cheap, colorful and absolutely delicious! after that i went to shinagawa just to see what kind of city it is because i've never been there. not so bad. and before hopping onto the train home, i ate udon with unagidon at an old udon house just near the shinagawa train station. good. i also took a video of me eating it and plan to upload it soon.


Fantastic Four: The Rise of The Silver Surfer – 6.0

Silver Surfer is THE most powerful character in marvel comics (well, if you count Phoenix out) so this must be an awesome movie right? WRONG! The story is all over the place and what disappoint me most are the bland and boring action sequences. An action movie depends on the ACTION part, so it that department fails, nothing could save it. Watch this ONLY IF you are really, really into comic book movies.

Offside – 7.0

This Iranian film took a brave stance to portray the foolish reality of the Islamic regime’s laws about women entering stadiums. The idea was great, but the execution could be better. With that said, it is still a good movie to watch on a peaceful afternoon.

Why We Fight – 8.5

A thought provoking documentary discussing the very questions that should be asked by all good Americans: why we fight in the wars? A must watch. Highly recommended.

28 Weeks Later – 8.2

I’m a horror movie fan and this is a good horror movie. So after watching this movie, I have turned into a satisfied and happy horror movie fan. Ahh I so want to be killed by zombies so that I could turn into one and eat other people’s brains. Oh yeah!

my video got banned!

after receiving more than 20000 views, my [warning to namewee] video got flagged inappropriate and violating the youtube terms; so the youtube censor team deleted the damned video because they fear it could corrupt the young minds of malaysians and cause everyone to go on a naked streak and eat monkey brains for lunch and bullshit for dinner.

i don't think the person who flagged the video read the descriptions i wrote on the right side of the video; and that dumb and ignorant habit might have caused a little misunderstanding in his/her part.

well, whatever. i DO plan to delete that video myself at a later convenient time but it feels not right to be slapped on the face and being told " your video is no good in here !!! " by a communist-minded site like youtube where you were not given a chance to defend yourself. anyways, how the hell do the censor team conclude that the video was violating youtube's terms by being inappropriate? they don't understand malay! i guess this is how they do it:

censor guy a: hey look, this video got flagged! let's check it out!
censor guy b: *looks at screenshot* oh my god! i see 4 ninjas! this is awesome!

censor guy a: *plays video* hmm what the hell! this is not in a language that we could understand! they could be talking about buiding a pretty barbie doll house with pink wallpapers and glamorous chandeliers for all i care. not forgetting the king size bed; for ken is a vicious sexy man that wants to practice his love making technique on plastic vaginas. plastic virgin vaginas. oh yeah.

censor guy b: but look, they look muslim enough to me. evil muslims. and do i hear someone yelling allah in the background? god they're sending a message to kill us americans because we are so awesome! ban ! ban ! ban !
censor guy a: don't you think the video poster deserve to explain himself?
censor guy b: are you out of your mind? this is america. we have freedom of speech! of course we are going to ban him because out of the 20000 people who viewed the video, one person flagged it! we must support the minority!
miss teen usa: i personally believe, those 4 guys in the video, such as, is dumber than me.
censor guy a + b: lets agree with the miss teen usa because she is hot. ban the sucker!
evil google representative: yes... yes... my dirty little dogs... do as i say... oh yeah...

enough with that. right now i'm still in tokyo having a good time. i'm doing my best to fill my time with activities that could sculpt me into being a better person. like ogling at gothic lolitas at harajuku, maid cafe employees at akihabara and kireina oneesan at shibuya. 俺の嫌いなギャルもいっぱいおったけどな


Tuesday, September 04, 2007


went to akihabara. found some cool shops. also found a new halal restaurant. another pakistani restaurant: siddique. cool place. nice curry. and cheap too. on my way to the train station, i saw a duo singer performing on the streets. the other girl (right side on the picture) is absolutely kawaii !!! i had my moe moe moment there that i forgot to record their video performing. what about the picture with the pink-wearing girls in it? oh they were just giving out tissues with ads on it, promoting their new stewardess-cafe. after maid, then shidou, now stewardess??? i should try and go to these otaku-cafes someday.


The Simpsons Movie – 9.1

Matt Groening did it. They have delivered the hype and went over the insanely high expectations. An extremely entertaining movie with a lot of good-‘ol simpsons humour. Highly recommended! Very fun movie to watch with your simpsons-fan buddies.

Déjà Vu – 8.0

What seems to be a normal homicide movie got an instant science fiction shot that makes everything cool and entertaining. Danzel Washinton does not disappoint. Cool story with great twists and superb ending. Must watch.

13 Erotic Ghosts – 3.0

What a crap movie. Avoid at any costs. Well, unless you want to see blond twins doing some hot softcore action on the bed, just forget about this movie and go on living with your life.

Mr. Bean Holiday (HD-DVD Version)– 7.5

I begin watching this movie expecting it to suck but I was really surprised at how NOT bad it was. This is still the Mr. Bean we all used to know when we were little brats. Looks like Mr. Bean is still compatible with today’s generation.

Monday, September 03, 2007


i really have no idea or any plans to do anything today so i have decided to just stay at home and be a good couch potato. that i idea was boring to i went to shimokitazawa. i don't know why. there i went to a halal pakistani restaurant: 2x2=8. yeah. weird name for a pakistani restaurant. well, as long as they serve good curry with a reasonable price. it's a all you can eat for 1000 yen so i ate a LOT. i can't move after gave up eating. while i was resting, to let the food to go down, i was entertained by the hindustani music videos they put on the tv. aahh.... it's still funny and ridiculous. i guess bollywood don't want to change and innovate their entertainment making formula. after filling myself with curry, i went to shinjuku's oldest eatery street: the omoide yokocho. i just went there because it looks cool. hahaha. i don't know why i'm laughing. ok. the last picture above is quite interesting. that picture can only happen in japan. a girl dressing hip while riding a bicycle. look at her high heels!


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – 8.2

The style of the film is really cool and refreshing, definitely grabs your attention to focus on the storylines and its twitchy characters. Robert downey jr. really did a good job in this one. The storyline is very interesting; a murder mystery brings together a private eye, a struggling actress, and a thief masquerading as an actor. The tension in the movie was always going up and down and you can’t really predict what is going to happen next. It’s a very hard movie to describe but I enjoyed it.

Big Fish – 8.1

Another good fantasy-themed movie by tim burton. A story about a guy who has a father who likes to tell everyone about his interesting life when he was younger. It’s a very heart warming story full with fantasy and disney-like fell good inside moments. i think this is a perfect family movie. kids would love this too! not that i care about children movies.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


today i went to odaiba for the fuji television networks taibouken (大冒険 - big adventure?) summer festival. there were thousands of people, making it hard to look at every event and to enjoy myself. you have to line up for hours to be able to go anywhere. it was a disaster. after the tiring day, i went to shinbashi, the place famous for being the most salaryman-populated city in tokyo. i don't know why would i go there and watch salaryman in their habitat. i just did. being a salaryman dominated place, shops for hentai yarou is inevitable. it's 9:00 p.m. and already the fuuzoku houses started to pull costumers. " do you want to have good fun with a japanese girl? i give you special price! " he said in perfect english. i pulled my sleeves up, increase the speed of my walking while trying to avoid a bunch of drunk salaryman singing on the streets. you also have to be careful not to step on their puke, or worse, the unconscious bodies of the golden age of the working society of japan lying on the floor. it's only 10:00 p.m. ! it's not even friday!


Sumolah: 7.8

The latest film from the Malaysian director/comedian Afdlin Shauki about a loser malay guy getting his second chance to change himself and be better when he accidentally become an employee of the Boleh Sushi restaurant. I believe that this must be afdlin’s best movie yet. This is a comedy movie and he definitely delivers his own style of humour and originality. A very easy movie to watch and does not require critical thinking which is a good thing.

Mukhsin: 7.0

I was very excited to see this film when I heard it won awards from a famous movie festival of which I have forgotten its name; but it does not matter because the reality is that this movie is not THAT good, at least for me. The story evolves around this tomboyish malay kampong girl and her new found friend mukhsin. They spent a lot of their time playing together, doing what we would expect any kampong children would do. A movie about first love story. The best part about yasmin ahmad’s movies (sepet, gubra etc.) are when you finished watching it, the movie finds a way to stick on your mind and lingers around for a while for you to think about the messages and hidden metaphors the director wants to tell. After watching mukhsin, my mind went numb with disappointment and I cant help but think that I have wasted my time. There were no strong messages or themes to be found here that it makes you felt lost in a mess of emptiness; although the strong family value IS everywhere. Yasmin ahmads camera angle still sucks like an amateur but her brilliant sense of humour is still intact; enough to make me want to finish watching. A bit artsy, slow paced malay movie with some brilliant humour. A love it or hate it movie. Im sad that Im not with the former.

Hard Rain – 8.3

A not so new Hollywood action movie about a town that got flooded. A bunch of criminals grab this opportunity to make some money and the rest is just what you would expect from an action film like this. The characters were interesting, the plot lines were easy to follow and it got some really interesting action sequences on water. Grab your pop corn bucket and watch. A simple movie for the masses.

Transformers – 8.6

Went to see this on the cinema, and it’s worth my every yen. Im a BIG transformers fan when I was a child and I was a bit disappointed when I first saw the trailer of the movie showing a new revised version of optimus prime because it does not look like the prime who I loved when I was a child but when the giant robot made his first prime appearance on the big screen, I dont care anymore because no matter how different he looks now, optimus prime is still SO FUCKING COOL! I dont need to touch about the story lines because really, who cares? The action sequences blows my fucking mind! There were so many things that were happening on screen that makes you want to watch it again and again so that you dont want to miss a single thing. Blinking while watching is almost like a sin because its so fast and damn good. To all the guys who were born during the 80s and grown up playing with cool robots that could transform into vehicles, watch this movie!!!. Its freaking awesome!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


arrived in front of the tokyo cental post office at 6:15. got no other place to go so went to a internet/manga cafe in shibuya: maboo. very cheap 1500yen for 3 hours. took a shower, read some manga and checked some emails. after my time is up, went out into the streets of shibuya, walking around with no purpose. at 11:00 a.m. went to kani cha-han for lunch. good stuff. after fulling my stomach with aromatic happiness, i went to akihabara to do some price surveying. after that, went to shinjuku to meet sae to 'guide' him to shinagawa and to our host for the night: my perasan macho senpai zam.

Next: REVIEWS !!! YAY !!!

Prison break season one: 8.5

i've been a fan of 24, heroes and lost. Now after finished watching the whole episode back to back, i can safely add prison break in my top favourite show lists from the land of obesity and homosexuals: USA. the story seems simple: one genius guy enters a prison as a convict to free his innocent brother that was bound to the electric chair; but the process of the actual escape is very detailed and makes you wonder: man, is there a guy as smart as Michael Scofield (played by Wentworth Miller)? The show started to get interesting very fast from the beginning, and the tension and storylines keeps getting better and better until the end. i don't want to spoil anything but i must say this, the character of each escapee were done very nicely and they have their own bold characteristics that made you feel attached at the very end of the season. Highly recommended.

Prison break season two: 8.0

At first, season 2 doesn’t feel different at all when it picks up just where season 1 left off, but youd be surprised at how different it felt when the director tried to cope with the changing location and with the escapee out from the always greyish atmosphere of the prison, to the workings of the open and colourful nature of the outside world. The story felt like its dragging its feet with the atmosphere change but the excitement builds up fairly quickly with the introduction of more characters with different goals and means to achieve it. Although I liked the prison setting more than the outside setting, still the story line is as twisted and interesting as before. Just like season one, every episode has its own cliff hanging end that obligates you into continuing to further involve yourself with the intricate characters and storylines. Highly recommended.

Irreversible: 7.2

This might be the weirdest French film I have ever seen. The disorienting camera work, unconventional scene progression technique (reverse-chronological order like the movie memento starring guy pearce), superb acting performances that really make you believe like it’s the real thing etc; every second of the first half of the film was truly a masterpiece. This is basically a revenge movie about a guy who went rampage on the guy who raped her women. the actual revenge scene must be one the most violent scenes Ive ever scene in a movie. And oh, monica belucci got raped for 9 freaking minutes, without any cut at all. Disturbing or arousing, you decide. If you think you could handle screen violence, and want to see something different, try and watch this movie. I cant recommend this to the mainstream public though because its so disturbing. The reason why I gave this movie such a low score is because the second half of the film was so mediocre and feels like a totally different change of pace that I think it was unnecessary to end the film in such a slow, boring way.

The Host: 8.0

A very well done monster movie from korea. The CGI of the monsters were done quite well and the story progression is easy to follow. There were some subtle Korean humour to be found but it would finally boils down to the man vs monster action sequences that make this movie a fun to watch. Recommended to every moviegoers.
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