Wednesday, September 05, 2007

my video got banned!

after receiving more than 20000 views, my [warning to namewee] video got flagged inappropriate and violating the youtube terms; so the youtube censor team deleted the damned video because they fear it could corrupt the young minds of malaysians and cause everyone to go on a naked streak and eat monkey brains for lunch and bullshit for dinner.

i don't think the person who flagged the video read the descriptions i wrote on the right side of the video; and that dumb and ignorant habit might have caused a little misunderstanding in his/her part.

well, whatever. i DO plan to delete that video myself at a later convenient time but it feels not right to be slapped on the face and being told " your video is no good in here !!! " by a communist-minded site like youtube where you were not given a chance to defend yourself. anyways, how the hell do the censor team conclude that the video was violating youtube's terms by being inappropriate? they don't understand malay! i guess this is how they do it:

censor guy a: hey look, this video got flagged! let's check it out!
censor guy b: *looks at screenshot* oh my god! i see 4 ninjas! this is awesome!

censor guy a: *plays video* hmm what the hell! this is not in a language that we could understand! they could be talking about buiding a pretty barbie doll house with pink wallpapers and glamorous chandeliers for all i care. not forgetting the king size bed; for ken is a vicious sexy man that wants to practice his love making technique on plastic vaginas. plastic virgin vaginas. oh yeah.

censor guy b: but look, they look muslim enough to me. evil muslims. and do i hear someone yelling allah in the background? god they're sending a message to kill us americans because we are so awesome! ban ! ban ! ban !
censor guy a: don't you think the video poster deserve to explain himself?
censor guy b: are you out of your mind? this is america. we have freedom of speech! of course we are going to ban him because out of the 20000 people who viewed the video, one person flagged it! we must support the minority!
miss teen usa: i personally believe, those 4 guys in the video, such as, is dumber than me.
censor guy a + b: lets agree with the miss teen usa because she is hot. ban the sucker!
evil google representative: yes... yes... my dirty little dogs... do as i say... oh yeah...

enough with that. right now i'm still in tokyo having a good time. i'm doing my best to fill my time with activities that could sculpt me into being a better person. like ogling at gothic lolitas at harajuku, maid cafe employees at akihabara and kireina oneesan at shibuya. 俺の嫌いなギャルもいっぱいおったけどな


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