Saturday, September 01, 2007


arrived in front of the tokyo cental post office at 6:15. got no other place to go so went to a internet/manga cafe in shibuya: maboo. very cheap 1500yen for 3 hours. took a shower, read some manga and checked some emails. after my time is up, went out into the streets of shibuya, walking around with no purpose. at 11:00 a.m. went to kani cha-han for lunch. good stuff. after fulling my stomach with aromatic happiness, i went to akihabara to do some price surveying. after that, went to shinjuku to meet sae to 'guide' him to shinagawa and to our host for the night: my perasan macho senpai zam.

Next: REVIEWS !!! YAY !!!

Prison break season one: 8.5

i've been a fan of 24, heroes and lost. Now after finished watching the whole episode back to back, i can safely add prison break in my top favourite show lists from the land of obesity and homosexuals: USA. the story seems simple: one genius guy enters a prison as a convict to free his innocent brother that was bound to the electric chair; but the process of the actual escape is very detailed and makes you wonder: man, is there a guy as smart as Michael Scofield (played by Wentworth Miller)? The show started to get interesting very fast from the beginning, and the tension and storylines keeps getting better and better until the end. i don't want to spoil anything but i must say this, the character of each escapee were done very nicely and they have their own bold characteristics that made you feel attached at the very end of the season. Highly recommended.

Prison break season two: 8.0

At first, season 2 doesn’t feel different at all when it picks up just where season 1 left off, but youd be surprised at how different it felt when the director tried to cope with the changing location and with the escapee out from the always greyish atmosphere of the prison, to the workings of the open and colourful nature of the outside world. The story felt like its dragging its feet with the atmosphere change but the excitement builds up fairly quickly with the introduction of more characters with different goals and means to achieve it. Although I liked the prison setting more than the outside setting, still the story line is as twisted and interesting as before. Just like season one, every episode has its own cliff hanging end that obligates you into continuing to further involve yourself with the intricate characters and storylines. Highly recommended.

Irreversible: 7.2

This might be the weirdest French film I have ever seen. The disorienting camera work, unconventional scene progression technique (reverse-chronological order like the movie memento starring guy pearce), superb acting performances that really make you believe like it’s the real thing etc; every second of the first half of the film was truly a masterpiece. This is basically a revenge movie about a guy who went rampage on the guy who raped her women. the actual revenge scene must be one the most violent scenes Ive ever scene in a movie. And oh, monica belucci got raped for 9 freaking minutes, without any cut at all. Disturbing or arousing, you decide. If you think you could handle screen violence, and want to see something different, try and watch this movie. I cant recommend this to the mainstream public though because its so disturbing. The reason why I gave this movie such a low score is because the second half of the film was so mediocre and feels like a totally different change of pace that I think it was unnecessary to end the film in such a slow, boring way.

The Host: 8.0

A very well done monster movie from korea. The CGI of the monsters were done quite well and the story progression is easy to follow. There were some subtle Korean humour to be found but it would finally boils down to the man vs monster action sequences that make this movie a fun to watch. Recommended to every moviegoers.

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