Tuesday, September 04, 2007


went to akihabara. found some cool shops. also found a new halal restaurant. another pakistani restaurant: siddique. cool place. nice curry. and cheap too. on my way to the train station, i saw a duo singer performing on the streets. the other girl (right side on the picture) is absolutely kawaii !!! i had my moe moe moment there that i forgot to record their video performing. what about the picture with the pink-wearing girls in it? oh they were just giving out tissues with ads on it, promoting their new stewardess-cafe. after maid, then shidou, now stewardess??? i should try and go to these otaku-cafes someday.


The Simpsons Movie – 9.1

Matt Groening did it. They have delivered the hype and went over the insanely high expectations. An extremely entertaining movie with a lot of good-‘ol simpsons humour. Highly recommended! Very fun movie to watch with your simpsons-fan buddies.

Déjà Vu – 8.0

What seems to be a normal homicide movie got an instant science fiction shot that makes everything cool and entertaining. Danzel Washinton does not disappoint. Cool story with great twists and superb ending. Must watch.

13 Erotic Ghosts – 3.0

What a crap movie. Avoid at any costs. Well, unless you want to see blond twins doing some hot softcore action on the bed, just forget about this movie and go on living with your life.

Mr. Bean Holiday (HD-DVD Version)– 7.5

I begin watching this movie expecting it to suck but I was really surprised at how NOT bad it was. This is still the Mr. Bean we all used to know when we were little brats. Looks like Mr. Bean is still compatible with today’s generation.

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