Thursday, November 01, 2007

adult reading materials and toilets

i've been quite busy lately with assignments and reports; that's why i really have no time to post anything here. i have a lot of ideas and stories to told, i just don't have the time to think about it, arrange it into words and finally do the writing. but i hate to leave this blog with no new stuff.

that's why i'm going simple today and i would like to be able to achieve that by sharing my stupid curiosity about the significance of the adult materials corner and toilets in every japanese convenience store. every convenience store i went, they always put the adult corner just beside the toilet. every single store. seven eleven. sunkast. daily yamazaki. am pm. family mart. everywhere. it's funny though that a store with a name like family mart would sell porn.

so why would every konbini here, conveniently put their adult corner just beside the toilet? is it a symbolic thing? are they trying to teach the children who have free and easy access to these cheap pornographic materials to strongly associate porn magazines with taking a loooooooooong time in the toilet? i don't know. maybe i'll ask my japanese jehovah's witness friends about this matter.

anyways, convenience store in japanese is コンビニ (konbini - an adverb of コンビニエンスストア convenience store).

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