Sunday, November 25, 2007

eye therapist my arse

The other day I was watching 快感MAP (a late nite tv show; not porn ok?),and there was this segment in which they introduced some rare jobs that 'pretty' women in metropolitan Tokyo do for a living. out of all the jobs they introduced on the program, I was extremely shocked in disbelief with this one particular occupation: eyelash therapist.

The main reason of me freaking out is solely because how much they get paid to just work on people's eyelashes. Get ready for this: it's a 500,000 yen per month paying job! It does not require any official license at all, just a 3 months training is required. If you work 5 days a week, from 9am to 6pm just like any salaryman, you pretty much would be getting 500,000 yen a month. Ok, 500,000 yen is like rm15, 243 so it is a HUGE paying job compared to the effort it requires.. That just fucking blows my mind.

I know this is a pathetic effort but I’m trying to compare THAT to the job of an ordinary engineer. The average engineer spends at least 4 years studying to obtain his/her degree; and another 3-12 months of training before going into the field. And for people fresh from collage, the starting salary would be around 180000 yen to 200000 yen a month. If you have a nice career record of course it would result in a nicer paying position; like some of my seniors who got like 400000 yen a month; BUT that took them 7-10 years to reach that position. And that is how things were supposed to work; at least that’s what I thought.

Comparing that to the eyelash therapist I saw on TV, she only needs a 3 months intensive training and after that, 500000 yen a month for her. There is not even a test to obtain a license because the job does not require any license at all! This has really opened my eyes to the reality of working to get paid: if you love your job, you won’t whine about other easier jobs that pays more.

So I will whine about the pathetic nature of being an engineer, still. Our salary is pretty average (no problem with that). We can’t get to higher positions because engineers work in a tight group and only the head of the department (部長) got all the credit for everybody’s accumulated achievements and worse, we always got killed in many action movies. O yes.

In action movies like the ones where the terrorist group tries to capture a facility, they always made the engineers control the machines for a while and when they have achieved their purposes, the got shot in the fucking face. Brains splattering all over the pavements and walls. I mean seriously, there is too much engineer killings in the movies!

And the audience doesn’t care if all the engineers got killed because they all look the same, wore the same dorky safety helmets and shirts, and can be easily replaced and forgotten.

Engineers, and of course programmers too, are just not cool. Hell, nowadays, even programmers are considered cool! Everyone thinks hackers and crackers are cool, the fuck with that?! These people spends most of their lives in front of the computer, using leet speak when chatting, spends a lot of their time to think about how to find the ultimate pwning moments, and drink too much soda drinks like mountain dew. They spend their free time playing dating simulation video games and ogling at plastic women with huge tits.

And they do all this simultaneously while choking the chicken. doing the five knuckle shuffle. having a hand shandy. spanking the monkey. beating the meat. popping the bobjuice. punching the clown. flogging the dolphin. exorcising the bishop. giving a handshake to russel the love mussel. feeding the ducks. petting the weasel. playing the skin flute. shizzling the nizzle. stroking the sausage. tickling the pickel. playing puppet. whacking the mole. chocking the dragon.

Oh man this has got to be my worst post, ever.

I have come to the conclusion that being an engineer is not cool at all. They’re not appreciated because they work with machines. Nobody likes them because they’re too nerdy and their social skill sucks big time because their line of work does not require much social skills and human contact.

And I’m busting a ‘gut to become one.

Ok, I’m not saying that engineers were under-paid and sucked. It’s just that the eye therapist got over-paid too much. I mean, what the fuck is an eye therapist anyways? They should pay yoga instructors, young nurses and exotic dancers more instead of the unneeded eye therapist. Just imagine a world without young nurses fresh out of nursing schools, without their uniforms and hats… it’s horrible!

Just forget what I said. I was just dizzy because I ate a whole pack of strawberries with condensed milk just now, while eating udon that I made myself. Maybe I should have not put the chicken puree into the udon soup.

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