Tuesday, November 06, 2007

kiritanpo satu syawal

[Kiritanpo] merupakan satu makanan tradisi org jepun kat akita nih. makanan nih simple aje nak buat nya. nasi akita komachi yg telah dimasak, dilenyek2 kemudian di salutkan mengelilingi chopstick atau pon seperti gamba diatas, batang kayu (!).

ni awek taiwan. bkn awek jepun. dan dia sedang menikmati kiritanpo. dan gamba nih diambik time raya ari tuh. there is going to be a post titled [What I Did During Eid] in which i plan to post soon, so stay tune.

so post hari ni mcam preview aje la kepada post yg akan aku post kan nanti. brapa banyak post daa....

p/s: kepada tazz: how does your mind translates the picture above?


yippie my order of Dead Rising for the X-Box 360 has arrived! i know it's not the latest game out there but this game is truly awesome! if john romero had made a zombie game, this is the closest thing to the classic Dawn of The Dead movie. to all the people who love and adore zombies like me, this game is a MUST HAVE!

speaking about latest games, i've pre-ordered Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect from play-asia. i also have Devil May Cry 4, Kane & Lynch, Army of Two, Call of Duty 4, Crysis etc in my list of games to consider buying. even the new 40gb ps3 looks damn too good to be missed. damn, 2007 must be one of the best years in gaming! and of course it is also the year which i'm going to waste my life time savings for digital entertainment. hell yeah i'm getting the 40 inch sony bravia and a new high end gaming rig with crossfire nvidia 8800 GT, dual core duo 2.66 ghz FTW !!!

i also re-watched the Transformers DVD again today. oh man, this movie is awesome, every time! it's just too pornographic for the brain!

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