Sunday, November 18, 2007

musim exam dah mai dah

talking about taking chances, my chance to under-perform in the coming exams is HUGE if i don't start to be serious. i should just leave this blog alone for a while. take a day off from the crazy world of internets. try to focus on my immediate proposes in life. get an A.

and today it's 初雪 (hatsu yuki - first snow). it snowed like crazy today. it's a fucking snow storm out there. damn, tomorrow's going to be a cold one. and it is going to be like that for 4 straight months. i guess it's time to use that shop credit to buy some new winter clothing so that i won't look like a poor homeless guy anymore with my old wears.

sejok weh. tu la. sapo gak sughuh mitok akita nyo.


  1. what wrong with poor homeless guy? leave him alone! ^_^

  2. dude being a poor homeless guy is not cool at all. no money, no power, no femalessss nothing ! huhuhaha


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