Wednesday, December 26, 2007

baito second day

it's my second day working (part-time) in a confectionery factory and i have to say, it's such a tiring work! now i know how exhausting it is to work in a factory when you sit at the lowest position in the chain of command. i'm a peasant. buruh kasar. pekerja asing hahaha.

i was put in the japanese sweets/confectionery section and damn, working there really makes me hungry because i was totally overwhelmed by the sweet smelling aroma of thousands of drool-dripping japanese cakes and sweets.

there is a lot to write about but i'm so tired right now. i have to wake up early for work tomorrow so i'll write about this later.

and my legs itches from standing for way too long.


  1. think stamina bro.. you can build your endurance and focus when you work like that ^_^. plus u got money too..

  2. i don't think it helps in building focus; but endurance, stamina and patience: definitely.


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