Wednesday, December 12, 2007

can't stop watching movies !!!

March of the Penguin – 8.0

This is the best animal documentary I’ve ever seen yet. Interesting; sometimes funny and sometimes sad. Brilliant and entertaining the whole way through..

Fly Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – 8.5

The starting point of jack nicholson’s awesome career as a grade A actor. Each character was interesting and the story was engaging and fun! The music was brilliant too!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force – 1.0

I couldn’t even finish watching this piece of crap. Bad animation, bad storyline, bad voice acting, bad jokes and boring characters. Stay away from this crap.

Dynamite Warrior – 5.0

Another marshal arts movie from Thailand. The stunts were pretty average when compared to the materials that tony jaa has produced. A pretty bad tony jaa wannabe movie.

American Gangster – 8.0

Another great performance by denzel washington and russel crowe. Although the story was good, it was not amazing enough to be classified as a great movie. Nevertheless, a good movie over all.

Shinjuku Triad Society – 7.0

The story was very interesting but the lack of quality in the acting department and the bad pacing of the movie kinda ruined the experience. A lot of shocking scenes too; this is a takashi miike’s film anyways so it was expected.

Pixar Short Films Collection – 8.0

It’s really interesting to watch the early works from the genius people of pixar. They seem to know how to put life in a 3d model right from the beginning!

Old School – 8.0

vince vaughn, will ferrell and luke wilson. All in one funny movie. Recommended.

A Mighty Heart – 8.2

Based on the true story about the wife of the American reported who got beheaded in Pakistan. Angelina Jolie did a great job by being a believable, and distressed but strong woman. Quite awesome.

Sakuran – 7.9

This film is a must watch just because kanno miho, kimura yoshino and tsuchiya anna got some really awesome sex scenes in it. Ok, besides that, the film is like a box of chocolate wrapped in colourful plastic paper. It’s very beautiful and pretty to look at. Unfortunately, the pacing was quite weird and that holds it from becoming a great movie.

Bourne Ultimatum – 8.3

It’s a bourne movie, what do you expect? The action scenes were very well done and it’s an entertaining action movie over all. The last part of the movie was quite boring though.

Outlaw – 7.5

The film feels original and pretty generic, all at the same time. Still a good action/thriller/suspense movie though. It just feels like something is missing and I don’t know what it is….

Surf’s Up – 8.0

Unexpectedly entertaining! A 3d animated movie about a young penguin who dreams about being a pro-surfer. Fun!

Not Another Teen Story – 8.4

This is a classic! A real 3-tonne-hammer crushing, slap-on-the-face on all the other generic teen movies out there. Funny, interesting and very easy to watch. Had a great time watching this.

Superbad – 8.8

Really, really funny movie about 3 teenagers who thinks about sex too much and tries too hard to become of one the cool guys. Some of the dialogs are down right disgusting and absolutely hilarious. This is the funniest comedy movie of the year 2007 no doubt. or maybe not because sometimes i felt like Knocked Up is better. Whatever, just watch both movies and get ready to laugh. Highly recommended.

Hairspray – 8.5

I hate musicals. But I love this one! Awesome songs and dance movies! A very fun movie to watch. Makes you want to dance baby!

Harold and Kumar Goes to White Castle8.0

Another comedy classic. Be silly and enjoy this ridiculous movie.

Black Hawk Down – 9.0

Another great and entertaining American propaganda movie that celebrates the coolness of war and the great will of the people of America to impose democracy on other people. Seriously, this is a superbly done war movie. Action movies at it's prime time yeah !!!

The Art of Seduction – 8.2

Damn this Korean romantic comedy movie is so cute and funny! Although the plotlines were dumb and unrealistic, try to leave your serious hat behind and just sit and relax, this is an entertaining movie to watch.

Rescue Dawn – 8.4

Based on the story about an American pilot who was shot down in Vietnam while he was busy dropping bombs killing children and innocent civilians. It was a very engaging and interesting movie the whole way through.

Good Luck Chuck – 8.2

jessica alba is very funny in this one. I don’t know that she can act this good! A fun movie the whole way through.

Van Wilder 2 – 7.0

I seriously think this one is going to suck hard, but it doesn’t. Watchable; and there ARE some funny moments in the movie.

Captivity – 7.0

A SAW wannabe? Maybe. elisha curhbert was awesome in this movie but the predictable story and lack of horrifying scenes makes this horror movie, not so horrifying.

Planet Terror – 8.0

This is the shit I’m talking about! Hot babes. Zombies getting blown off. People screaming in pain. Gore. Fucking disgusting zits. And most importantly, a m4 carbine assault rifle on a red head stripper! Awesomeness is real in this movie.

Garden State7.0

I think this movie put zach braff on the map. Pretty relaxing movie as the pacing was slow with some weird funny moments. Part mysterious, part weirdly comical.

Dragon Wars – 6.5

This is the most expensive Korean movie. And sadly, it sucked. Awesome CGI and special effects aside, the story was laughable and there were tons of stupid plot holes that make it hard to enjoy this movie. The CGI do look awesome though. But why oh why is the story and the acting so fucking dumb?

Street Thief – 8.5

A work of an evil genius. Follow the journey of a self proclaimed professional street thief. Forget about every other conventional movie you have ever seen, this movie is full of original style and balls. This is what we call an experimental project that results in success! Must watch!

Death of a President – 8.5

Just awesome. A movie done in documentary style about the assassination of gerge w bush and what could happen if such marvelous incident really happened. Believable and very smart. Watch this !!!

Children of the Corn – 7.0

A pretty generic horror movie, I guess. And I still don’t understand the ending.

Accepted – 7.0

Another generic comedy movie aimed at teenagers. There were some funny moments here and there, but there is absolutely nothing special about this movie.

SAW 4 – 7.2

This film is so fucking confusing. As always, the gore and the violence was awesome, but where goes the simplicity from the first movie that made it awesome in the first place? The autopsy scene was horribly terrific. Everyone in the movie theatre was like ‘”holy shit am I watching this for real?”. I think it is time for them to stop milking this once great series, and move on to the more original stuff.

The Uchoten Hotel – 8.9

An extremely well done Japanese comedy. Each character has memorable personality and it's own back story, and the director did a pretty good job to tie them together. High quality comedy from japan. There is not a single scene in the movie that was boring. This is how you do funny in a smart way. Highly Recommended.

Kamikaze Girls (下妻物語) – 8.0

This movie defines style! The acting was not so good but the whole atmosphere of the movie was weird and interesting! Fun! Ohh the colours! The tsuchiya anna - fukada kyoko combination might NOT be the best thing that ever happened in japanese cinema, but both of them are pleasing to the eyes in this movie. fukada kyoko did nothing new with her character in this movie; while tsuchiya anna really looks like a badass in this one.

Amelie From Montmarte – 9.0

This is the best french film that I have ever saw. Please go get this movie and watch it. It’s funny, it’s mysterious and it’s fun! A story about a very naive and weird girl who one day decided to do something that could change other people's life, and enjoy the experience and finally find love in the same time. You really felt attached to the main character and wants to support her journey! A must watch!

The Diary of A Tired Black Man – 8.5

Very interesting documentary/movie about the dilemma ‘good’ African-American are facing with their partners.

Resident Evil: Extinction – 7.5

The action and special effects is definitely better than the last two movies; but it still doesn’t do the great video game (in which this movie is based on) any justice. Not scary at all. Milla Jovovich, on the other hand, kicks ass. Zombie Ass.

Premonition – 7.3

Surprisingly an OK movie, keeps you interested the whole way through. Very interesting storylines. I didn’t doze off when I saw this so it must be not so bad. Sandra Bullock started to look old though.

Blades of Glory – 7.2

Overall a funny movie, but not the best Will Ferrell funny flick ever created. The Will Ferrell-Jon Heder (from Napolean Dynamite) combination was not bad, but it was not that successful either. Still managed to crack me up. Quite a disappointment though.

The Kingdom – 8.8

Another great thriller starring Jamie Foxx. This is how you do a good action movie, Hollywood textbook style. When a group of terrorists attacked a US residence in Saudi Arabia, a group of FBI agents were sent to investige the incident and with the help of Saudi police officers, they swore to find and take the culprit down. Made Ashraf Barhom known to the world. Highly Recommended.

Rush Hour 3 – 7.9

It’s sad to see your hero getting old. Jackie Chan performed outstanding action sequences in this one, despite his age. It's definitely not his best, and you will notice him being not as fast as he used to be, but he IS Jackie Chan and Jackie Chan will always kicks ass. Chris Tucker never failed to be as funny as ever; but sadly, this is the worst movie of the series, with Rush Hour 1 being the best. With that said, if you love the Rush Hour series, this third installment is a must watch!

City of God9.5

GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!!! This has got to be one of my favourite movies of all time. It’s that good. The story of 2 friends who grew up into 2 very different people, one a photographer and one a drug dealer. Brutal, gritty, violent, full of emotions and absolutely amazing! GO SEE THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW!!!

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