Tuesday, January 01, 2008



Selamat Tahun Baru!

Happy New Year!

my first meal of 2008 was a cup of czech cocoa and black paper tuna with sicilian wheat bread.

and i think that was an awesome start.

usually, i would start a new year by eating 年越しそば(toshi koshi soba - new year buckwheat noodle), but this year it's different.

it's not because i felt like a changed man.

nor because i want to look cool by saying that i've started the new year by eating something that sounds awesome.

the cocoa and bread do have a cool name though.

anyways, the reason i'm not eating soba for new year is simply because i can't find a soba noodle shop near here.


i really have no idea of what to write as my first post for 2008.

i guess i'll wish everyone a great year.

below are some videos of the famous japanese anchorwomen, takigawa christel (滝川クリステル) at her best.



  1. dramatik... hepy nu yeah bro! what ur resolution this yeah?!

    p/s: kampaiii!!! (sampai nak terkeluar anak tekak)

  2. yeah happy new year!

    new year's resolution?

    hmm... that would be to start researching and hopefully being admitted to any good japanese company located in big cities like tokyo or osaka.

  3. wah.. good.. may the force be with you ^_^


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